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Holy crap, my account's still active?

i'm surprised, really. I haven't logged in just over two years, and gs hasn't nixed my account...that's crazy. I got laid off in the market crash of november 08, and this is the first time i've logged back in. its not that i haven't gamed since then -the opposite really- when last i logged on, i had a gamerscore of 17,000. I just cleared 32,000 last week. I've been playing like mad, yet I've found virtually no need or reason to visit gs in all that time.

perhaps the site's time has passed. Because outside the occasional need to hit up an ancient strategy guide that predates the web, everything else can be found on youtube these days. and god knows their new-EST lineup of game reviewers carry the same rough amount of both talent and journalistic integrity as my garbage man.

i suppose i can still use the site for logging all my game ownership tallies, but otherwise i see little point in perpetuating the farce that anyone should care about what gs actually has to say.