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daily rant- 9.03.04

back to the grind. how's everybody doin?

i spent the better part of the day gettin' ready to switch jobs...saving your $$ for this crap really cuts into my games budget, and also effects my ability to drown my sorrows at the neighborhood bar too. PBR baby! ah, nuthin like gettin one cheap beer so you can really blow your wad on the new metal gear solid prepay, you've been meaning to put down.

this week i've continued my ongoing struggle to make my friend margau understand the world of ps2. lemme tell you, trying to convince someone whose favorite movies are 'bridget jones diary' and 'the whole nineyards', the importance of finishing the latest front mission with all upgrades is an excercise in futility.

on a lighter note; i beat the hell out of front mission 4, finished ffx-2 for the second time, made some good progress with samurai warriors, and finally picked up nba street vol2. speaking of volumes i also got kill bill vol 1 and 2. if you don't own em get em. damn tarantino makes good movies. and i never used to think uma was hot...these two movies chngd my mind forever. ohhhh, sorry my mind was wanderin.

i think that's all i'm up to. gotta go hang out with a smoke and a beer, and a little game tv. -gaeren

getting up to snuff...9.03.04

Gamers all. welcome to my journal. as the tag line says these are the adventures in gaming....they entail all the good, bad, and just plain disturbing and embarassing aspects of the life we've chosen.

-august 04: i really learned how to use my gamespot acct. yes it could be that although i am the tekken master in my region, and i know more about anime than most portlanders -i have grown too old to learn the basics of pc usage. this is a dead giveaway to being a console gamer!!!

i set up my tracked games, wish list, collection, etc...but the most important thing i learned was how to use forums. imagine this idiot's surprise at not knowing w.t.f. it means to bump a thread, and how upset some undersexed geeks and trekkie conventioneers get when you upset their pc existence. oye. i got some pointers from some of the nicer posters out there though, so i don't upset as many people these days. i found some really funny boards, and accepted that the folks out there are much more screwed up than me, so i felt justified adding rumbleroses and leisure suit larry's new outing on my wish list. whoo hoo!

-september 04: so far it's been quiet. the site's been actin squirrely recently, kind of like a three year old ps2 that will only play discs when it's raining and you have to build a make shift stand out of toilet paper rolls and duct tape so it's sits just right and actually works. side tangent- is sony slippin quality wise, cause i'm on my third ps2 in four years!! i suppose it could be i play games too much and i'm just wearin' the stupid thing out.....NAH!

anyway, i'm lookin' forward to a bunch of games this holiday season. all of a sudden i'm makin more money, so i might actually be able to get 'em all. thank god, cause i'm gettin sick of selling off my tired titles for new stuff. particularly if the new stuff is CRAP.

other stuff i've learned in my time here: -as far as your rank and level: it's as addictive as a final fantasy! you're on the site whenever you can be to boost your level. it's a drug people...accept it. hahaha. man i need a life.

2nd -be careful what boards you choose to post on. you say something dumb on a final fantasy forum, and the purists who know the real names, and release dates of the opriginal games will crucify you with insults. it's vicious. i thought i was hardcore, until a little chatty-chat with these guys.

3rd -there are plenty more nice gamers men and women out there than dipsh**s, and they are just as interested in the world and games, and new ideas as you are.

4th -and the final point. try not to hook up w/ anyone on line. this one i learned long before gamespot. everybody's all flirty on the boards and that's cool. but take it from me. once upon a time long ago i got engaged to a girl i met online. i was lucky- she was really a girl, and strangely enough she was hot. but she was also a psycho! so look out my fellow gamers. meet real women, they won't all point at you and laugh! besides which, ya got a better shot of making sure they're the gender you're after if you meet em face to face.

more from the peanut gallery later lads and lasses,