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5.29.8 i must revolt against my master...xbl

i spent too much time on rainbow 2 again. i finally got warrant officer rank tho. that's nice. i really did little else. i put in time to beat five more missions on tenchu, and i got a ridiculously easy achievement for stranglehold. other than that i wasted an hour player social slayer on halo3. yet i still went to be almost 2hrs late. argh. oh well, where's my caffeine?

5.28.8 6hr energy shot?! tee heeeeeeeeeeeee....i feel sick

holy moses. i put in about six and a half hrs gamin last night, and garnered a whole 80 pts. now at 4885g. i'm not blown away by the numbers, but it is notable that 50 of those points came from getting a perfect rating on the toughest level of tenchu z on all difficulties. this little beastie was the only obstacle remaining to bar my way to the full 1000g for that game. i'm still aways off from getting it since it requires perfect ratings for all missions all difficulties, but at least i know that getting the rest is no sweat. just gotta grind thru it.

most of the night was typically spent working up experience on rsv2. big surprise i know. now granted i did beat another chapter of the story, but at least 3 1/2 hrs was terrorist hunting. and i still didn't hit officer rank. i -will- get it tonight tho. i'm only like 900 pts from ranking up as of this morning. in 20min of game time tonight i should snag it and the achievement with it.

and so in preparation i had another energy shot this morning...and i'm a lil wired! or weird...not sure which! i need it for playing forza tonight. i've hit the point where the races have started taking much more time without much more experience. i still haven't hit level tonight an endurance race must be done.

finally i played battlestar arcade last night. it's a fun diversion, but kinda wish i hadn't dropped 10 bucks on it. oh well.

5.27.8 gaming anonymous

hi my name is gaeren and i play games. oye i didn't sleep or eat much over the weekend, but i sure overdosed on games.

i'm now at 4805g. about 700 achievement point increase in 3 days. incidentally i also discovered 6hr energy shots...which might explain the point gain. hehe...i'm very afraid of this discovery. made some new friends, and put an unseemly amount of time into multiplayer on halo3 / rsv2 / cod4. i beat halo as well and played thru one story on dw6.

yesterday morning i went down to the gamestore and bought some ms points and marvel ultimate alliance. that game's fun too.

i think i'm gonna take tonight off. i'm ridiculously tired.

5.23.8 thank god for the holiday

i hit 4190g last night. perfect.

i got done with the aces build on rsv2, and gained a whole 1500 pts towards warrant officer. thrilling. man that rank system slow way down once you get a few under your belt. this is fast becoming pure grinding. i'm not happy about it but whatcha gonna do?

i'm writing up a game agenda for the 3 day weekend. it would appear i have lots of work to do. i don't have grandiose goals, but hitting 4500 would be awesome. nuthin else to report on for now.

5.22.8 one more benchmark down!

alright, i cleared 4035g on achievements last night! eggcellent!

i went about getting a pretty easy endurance race on forza2. i'm almost up to lvl 28 now. i got to sergeant major in rsv2 and almost finished the convention center level. like a complete idiot i repurchased dynasty warriors 6. i'm such a hua. the achievements are all so easy for that game! i'm so ashamed. but whateva.

i got almost everything i wanted done for hitman, but i'll definitely finish it off this weekend. tenchu is progressing, but i did get the final tomikichi achievement. i pulled off 1 achievement for dw6, and got about 3 missions done for ac6...i kinda wanna finish that one tonight.

that was about all that got done. once again i had spent too much time playing rainbow six.

5.21.8 why oh why?

well i got about 4 1/2 hrs of sleep. gee that was dumb.

i did end up focusing the short game nite on forza and rsv2. i gained almost 2 ranks in rainbow, and managed to finish two tourneys and finished 1 endurance race. i'm closing in on level 27. all told i got some good work done before bedtime.

i got up early to take my car in for work. thankfully it only cost me 155$. yay! on the down side, i'm wiped out...tired as hell. bring on that peptic ulcer as i intend to down a sh%$load of rockstar juiced today. i needs me some energy!

tonight i want to finish my time with hitman bloodmoney / do at least one more endurance race in forza2 / get in three missions for tenchu z / cpl missions done on ac6 expert / get to the next area in bioshock / get passed the krill driving mission in gears / rank up again in rsv2 / and mebbe some stranglehold. i'd love to beat the mega restaurant tonight. we shall see i spose.

at least it's wednesday. i'm so ready for the weekend right now! heheh

5.20.8 i really need to start getting more sleep

i went to bed at 5am and got up at 1030am. that can't be healthy. i'm tempted to spend my three day weekend sleeping.

but i'm sure i won't. i don't think i gained a single achievement....wait no i got one 5 pointer last nite. last night was filled with gaming of course but it was all doing the grinding on the way to achievements. chief among the time suckers was forza 2. that level 30 is just taunting me. i seem to be stagnant at level 24. urgh. i got about 12,000 pts towards my first sargeant rank in rsv2 as well.

tonite will likely be more of the same. and will be a short night as i have to be up early. mebbe i'll just focus entirely on rsv2 and forza only.

5.19.8 bring on the day of memorials!

i'm awfully ready for this 3day weekend. already, and that's a bad sign i think since it's only my first hr at work on monday.

as to the car issues i discussed's not the end of the world at all. i get an idle flutte in low rpms, and at shift change. my guess is it isn't the alternator cause the car is still starting. it's either a clog in the fuel filter (which i should have replaced a cpl months back admittedly) or mebbe the idle is aset too low, and it's age has started to show that...i hope. in any event i'm gonna take it into the shop this week to have it looked at. no worries.

that goofy crap aside lets get to the gaming. i brought up three ranks and finished a chapter in rsv2. ohhh so much terrorist hunting....ohhhh. i'm tired. i beat a whole lot of hitman, finished 1 round of tenchu z, got thru most of act2 gears on hardcore, 4 missions on ac6 and have reloaded for expert, i got a litle further in rsv (damn the first one is much harder), killed 15 gangmembers with the globe, and finished my first race in crackdown,i moved to the submarine in bioshock, went up 2 lvls in forza 2 -still slow going- tho i did pimp out an audi, which is surprisingly fast.

all told i got up to 3875g. in fact i bet it woulda been much much higher had i not spent so much time with rainbow 6. now just gotta strategize, while getting thru 5 days of work and then it's weekend enjoyment time. yay for holidays!!

5.16.8 free time's a waitin!

urgh. my car started actin up this morning. i hope i don't need to blow money on repairs. grr. but i'm tryin not to think about it.

last night i managed to finish beating every terrorist hunt in rsv2 on realistic. my favorite achievement in the game so far. and! i am almost to officer rank. nice. i don't really have a poitn goal to attain this weekend, but it should spike pretty well, because tenchu and hitman are about to hit completion and their achievement points are all about finishing the games.

for the fun factor i plan to spend a good deal of time on mass effect, and start up a playthru on rainbow 6 vegas 1. finally i'll be pimping out some of my high end cars in forza. that gtr skyline of mine needs a new paintjob now that i've maxed it's acceleration. other than that i might hit the best buy for some new ms point i've been foolishly considering downloading the shivering isles content for oblivion.

i went down this road with my last box, and i just bought the goty version of the game. it didn't work out...wouldn't load or took forever to do so and would then freeze gameplay every three seconds. i admit it's tempting to see what the new falcon can handle, but i don't i only have like 6 gigs left on my hdd.

i guess i'll think about it some more.

5.15.8 holy...tomorrow's friday???

should i thank rsv2 for making this week fly by? or should i be afraid of that game sucking my life away...hmmm?

i spent about an hour just on customizations for my gunnery sargeant last nite. didn't play much else, except hitman. man it's wonderful how steady the pts are with that game. i instead spent time with my brother last night. we had beers and watched the original transformers movie...and then bought the soundtrack off itunes. i forgot orson welles was unicron in that flick...i totally need to find unicron as my gamer pic! heheh.

we're seeing ironman saturday. i understand that'll be great actually. then the rest of the weekend i am gonna do spring cleaning, price new air conditoner units, and mebbe mow the lawn. of course that'll be between bouts of pt farming for rainbow. oye.

that's all i got for now. i need to get some rest.