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6.11.8 general raam, angers me.

now at 6113g...and i was awful surprised by this turn of events. it was halfway accidental actually. :twisted:

i set out to get points by finishing hardcore difficulty on gears of war. did that...coolio. but then i bought wolf of the battlefield and intended to start it up for five minutes to have it show on my profile...

instead i hopped into a co-op mission and beat the entire game in a single sitting. i processed 100+ achievement pts at it as well. i dunno how to feel about commando 3 truth be told.

on the one hand it was a total blast and the achievement points were "paul walker fast". coop is very exciting and effective when played right. we flew thru the story.

on the other hand, i spent ten dollars for an hour long play...and half the achievement points were earned in the first sitting. it's crazy. regardless tho, in the end that game is fun. so i guess i do recommend it.

6.10.8 ack! i'm an online deviant?!?

welcome to tuesday. i'll be your host; convicted criminal and violator of the xbl code of conduct.

lock the doors and hide your daughters! I have been banned from the forza auctionhouse!

oh sweet pete. so yeah, i'm an online deviant apparently. as previously mentioned i have been spending a lot of time buying and selling cars on forza2's auctionhouse. it's been fun and very profitable for game money. welllll, i just figured out why some cars were selling for half a mil to a million every time i put them up for auction. i have a couple cars that have depictions of ladies who are (how do i put this), "less" than fully clothed. i have this design on a cobra 427, and a nissan 350z. now i bought these cars unlocked from a seller, so how was i to know i could not do the same. well apparently not. allegedly if you are going to sell these inappropriate designs in the auctionhouse (which i still haven't verified as ok) then you have to do it with the paint scheme locked??? i don't get the logic except that only one 11yr old kid can buy digital depictions of boobs as opposed to hundreds? i dunno.

in either event i was wholly embarrassed. it hadn't even dawned on me that it might be a violation. i never would have sold the cars locked or unlocked had i known. regardless, the ban is a first incident temporary ban for 1 week. now i'm wondering do i have to get rid of the designs? do i need to delete the photos on my profile page on forza's site? and how do i do that? i have an email into forza support to figure it out.

ok so my felonious actions aside, onto friend's list maintenance. so for one, i had to delete and block a "friend" who had clearly been baiting folks, and working to get folks to violate code for forza. his messages tipped me off, that somebody thought i might like to do something wrong. so he's gone. additionally i gave my first player review of a dude, er correction- offensive little child, i played a terrorist hunt with on rainbow vegas 2. he's marked as an avoided player now...i wonder does that stop him from joining any of my games? guess we'll see.

okay so last night i bought assault heroes 2, and it's fantastic. lots of fun. that might get my first 9+ review for an xbla title.and before i forget i got up to 5911g as well. i think i'll hit 6000 before the weekend. i need to get my forza driver to lvl 45 to unlock achievements for two more event types. gears hardcore is almost done, i might beat it tonight...and i'll be working bioshock hard tonight for progress too.

and finally i'll probably grind stranglehold for more achievements tonight as well...all while i wait for wolf of the battlefield to hit marketplace on wednesday.

6.9.8 holy moses, no way!!!!

there's going to be a tenchu 4!! awesome!!

and it'll be on the wii!


wtf....really? the wii?!? if you haven't seen the trailer, ya might wanna hold off. go play something on ur ps2 first and adjust ur eyes to that degree of graphics. ok now go watch the trailer.

no. no, it ain't pretty, but rikimaru is back, as is acquire, and it'll be this year!! now capcom needs to excercise their power, and release a port on the 360. c'mon capcom don't mess up.

6.9.8 so much goin on!

sitrep: 5880g as of 10am today...

ok wow. a lot happened in my world as a whole over the weekend, which makes how much happened in my gaming world that much more impressive to me. i have no idea how i got so much done. so here goes...

alright so i got some work done on my car, bought some new earbuds, bought the supplies and repaired the lawn mower and then summarily defeated the amazon monster that was my backyard. and of course i went out to the bar with 'go and drank heavily saturday nite too. awesome.

in the midst of all that i picked up two ms point cards, picked up grid, beat a developer in my very first online race, and really got into ninja gaiden2..and that was just friday nite.

saturday i sold about 5.5 million in cars on the forza2 auctionhouse. i rounded out the majority of my fast and furious car collection also. started uploading my car photos to my page on forza's community page too. i cleared five tourneys, and another event class is cleared.

i bought commander: attack of the genos for arcade, and got a few achievements on all my other arcade games. i downloaded the bad company demo, and i gotta say vegas2 and cod4 are still far superior games....least thus far. it feels like bad company can't decide if it's realistic or cartoony. additionally your movement mechanic is a lil goofy. the driving mechanic is totally buggered as well. you get in vehicles with the b button? but what's worse...the gas is the ---left trigger---?!? and the brake is the left bumper? also in the demo you can only hold one gun? no holdout? wtf...i dunno, it's definitely got something to prove to me now.

i beat stranglehold on normal which was really rough, but the more i play that game the more i appreciate it. the work that went into that game is totally overlooked in my opinion. if you don't have it, go rent it and give it three play sessions. you'll be hooked.

i also completed tenchuZ. my first 100% completed game 1000 of 1000 pts is mine. kinda sad. i may start a new save on my alternate gamertag. now then, on the note of ninja action let us address ninja gaiden 2...i am taking the game back. and i rarely do that with a title anymore. in fact last time i did that was with dead or alive 4...hmm. curious, both games made by tecmos former golden boy itagaki. both games also had unbelievably cheap bosses to the point of bosses cheating. i got some points out of the title, and i knew it was gonna get harder so i had farmed pts to fully upgrade my dragon sword and genshin still owned me!! i cannot emphasize this enough....17 attempts. i made 17 attempts on that boss, and got butchered every single time! i used the strategy guide and i got butchered anyway. the game was going out of it's way to insult me and my gaming ability. and sorry but if i wanted insulting trash talk i'd play halo3 multiplayer after school let's out. so don't buy that game, unless u really enjoy getting hurt inexplicably.

so back to the good stuff...i finally finished getting all the cog tags in gears, huzzah! rsv2 finally saw me reach 2nd lieutenant's rank. i got another mission beaten on hardened for cod4, i made it thru most of arcadia in bioshock, annnd...i think that was about it before i passed out from exhaustion. but boy howdy what a productive weekend!

6.6.8 i do love a good friday

ok, i hit 5500g last nite. i got a lot done on forza, and cleared about 20 missions on tenchu z. but these are the same ole accomplishments...

the real action of the evening was that i finally got to play ninja gaiden 2. i don't wanna spoil it (look for my review soon) but i will say this: Ninja Gaiden 2 is -in the same moment- both everything i had hoped it would be, And everything i was afraid it might be.

i'm really hoping to finish several games this weekend, but we shall see how that goes. nuthin else to report for now.

6.5.8 game time approaches

ok at 5410g now, but the real news is that i finally, finally hit lvl 40 on forza 2. i was so happy i almost cried...good god talk about a grind. oye!

now that i've finally achieved lvl 40, i plan to hire drivers to clean up a number of the lame races for me. this will clean up about 3 more race categories, and garner the accompanying achievements. in the interim i'll run a couple more days of auctions, but i'm closing in on 5million credits, and i think i'll be satisfied once i hit that...for a while anyway.

also as stated last time, i went after tenchuZ with a vengeance last nite. i cleared 17 missions at ninja5 in about 90 minutes time. with any luck i may hit the end of 50 missions and hit my first 1000 of 1000 achievement pts in a game. perfect completion? egg-cellent!!

i spent some time terrorist hunting with rsv2, and managed to actually beat a high density realistic hunt solo in killhouse. i don't think i've done that before, so that was a rush.

and time with stranglehold. the mega-restaurant level, and in particular the lounge with musicians, was kind enough to hand me my a$$ last night. i probably wasn't paying enough attention, but ouch! i just got slaughtered. it was sad...but at least the musicians weren't killed, for whatever that is worth. oh and before i forget i finally picked up ninja gaiden 2 this morning. grid, is still not in yet, which is annoying, so it better be there tomorrow.

6.4.8 halfway there...hit the ground running

i played a lot of stranglehold, a little rsv2, entirely too much forza2...and on that note, i'm going to start differentiating forza. the auction house is really it's own game as far as i'm concerned. so for instance: i raced in forza for 45min last nite. i workd the auction house for almost 2hrs. big difference.

so grid and ninja gaiden have showed up late, so i won't get those till the mornin. bummer. and i understand achievements for ninja gaiden will be ridiculously tough. oh gee i can't wait.

i did no work with tenchu z last nite. i'm so ashamed. i'll fix it tonite, but all the progress i didn't get done...urk. i was really having lots of fun with stranglehold. so i kinda just forgot. i was just amazed i spent less than an hour with rainbow six 2. it was crazy.

that's really all i got for now. my stomach's a bit upset...i had way too many taquitos yesterday. damn their shredded beef goodness. gotta go now. the need to evacuate is great.

6.3.8 i was horrified to wake up and find it's not friday

urgh. i was so close to calling in dead. i was almost late for work, but i'm here, now, oh the joy. blech.

i set up about 6 new auctions in forza2 just before leaving so i can follow their progress over the day. i got a whopping 15 pts last nite, from beating the first mission in marvel ultimate alliance. i intend to start running thru the individual character levels for some training tonight. one of the best parts of that game is the fact that you level up every couple minutes. yay. awww it reminds me of the early days of rainbow six 2. ah nostalgia.

on that note...i managed to keep my time on that short last nite, bout 45min on coop terrorist hunts, and 1/2 hr of team deathmatch. i really need to get in there and win a ranked match or two. And Right our pivotal moment, for anyone paying attention.

the shift has now taken place place where the rebuilding of my profile is now about general experience of the games, finishing them and such, rather than achievement gains. rainbow is now about leveling up for new armor and camo, not achievements. forza is about making money not pts, mua is all about leveling up ironman. no achievement there. i'm glad that craziness is tapering off.

i can finally get back to gaming for fun, not prestige, the way i want to.

at least until tomorrow when i pick up grid, and ninja gaiden 2....and we can start all over again! ohhh the vicious cycle!!!

6.2.8 summer's here, time to wash the cars

june, let loose the summer games! i prepaid grid and ninja gaiden2 over the weekend. so as soon as they show up...i'm guessin wednesday i'll have them.

as to this weekend's accomplishments...not so much in regards to points, but large benchmarks in terms of progress. i'm at 5350g now, so no big whoop, but i managed to finally beat rsv2, i finished tenchu's 2nd of 3 difficulties (50 missions), beat stranglehold, and raised a cpl levels in cod4. most compelling tho is when i discovered forza 2's auction house. it is much much cooler than i thought it would be. i have been buying and selling cars like crazy since 10am yesterday. so much so, that i still haven't hit lvl 40 on that game. but the auctions are so much fun, i don't care.

my buddy cop came over last night to play, and to our dissapointment we found that rsv2 allows split screen for everything....except Versus?!?!? i was annoyed to say the least. we had fun with a few terrorist hunts, but eventually broke off sooner than expected to enjoy cod4. I finally got to try out the new maps in cod4...and creek is really nice for a one on 1 match, but otherwise would be totally useless. killhouse would be fantastic for pistol and shotgun only, or knife duels, but is way unbalanced for any marksman...broadcast is clever and fun. That one is a meat grinder, but in a good way. :madd: and finally chinatown is awesome! a perfect multiplayer level, and totally worth the 800ms pts all by itself.

I also actually put in time on gta 4 which is nice. and then i slept for 16hrs...glorious.

5.30.8 and may is over

good. i've waited long enough for the release of grid and ninja gaiden 2.

so last night i got nearly 200 achievement points. the night before i got 35. as of now i'm at 5095!! i broke 5 g's!! anyway the big reason for this is the glory that is easy achievements in stranglehold. thank you john woo! i got like nine achievements from that game alone. i also got a forza achievement. crazy i know! so hard to get points in that game.

the real victory is that i was in bed by 4am! yess! that sounds bad but i work a late shift so 4am is my bedtime. i've been staying up till...well dawn basically, 5-ish. last night i actually got 6 1/2 hrs of sleep. it was glorious!

i got a busy weekend. some socializing to do, and my cop buddy is comin over to finally check out rsv2...which was ostensibly made for him. it'd be nice to actually finish rsv2's story mode as well, but we shall see.

little else to report. my energy shot's getting on top of me, so i'm off to write a gaming agenda for the weekend!