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8.7.8 so when is this bloody beta going live?

i have neither the time nor inclination to read up on when the beta goes live. i want a big advertising banner to scream the date out so loud i can't help but learn it. this is how lazy i have become this week.

i'm going to complete the mercs 2 prepay tomorrow to be done with it, and perhaps i might buy a new ms pts card. i'm debating. i know if i buy one i'll spend those pts on SCAMCO BANDAI's b.s. dlc for sc4.

anybody looked at the dlc list for sc4 so far? i haven't seen so blatant an attempt to rip people off since whatever the last game koei put out was! i'm sorry, u want 15$ for the original soul calibur sountrk?!?!? i'd like to meet the marketing rep responsible so i could slap him with a white glove and demand a gun duel at dawn.

that said i've burned thru most of soul calibur4's achvmnts in about a week since launch. to anyone thinking about it, don't buy that game. rent it. you can spend 5$, or a day's wait with gamefly, and get 600+ achvmnt points in no time. plus, unless ur a create a character crazy, the game won't hold much for you beyond a few days of playing.

...hmmmm, mebbe i should trade sc4 in on mercs 2. there's a thought.