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Is Mobile gaming a must?

I really have to wonder at this point if mobile gaming is a must, sure it beats just listening to music or watching movies on the road or wherever. But is it truly apparent to be not on the same level as full on gaming...

First off the true ultra mobile gaming pc the Alienware M11x is a little much of a price but works well.

Depending on what you want the PSP or DS both prove to be great but when the IPhone and the Ipod Touch and other phones get involved it makes you wonder.

What do you think should Mobile gaming be reasonable on the same level to console and full on p.c gaming?

Ps3 slim or not?

Do you guys think I should get the p3 slim or not?

Write a list of reasons to not and keep my old ps3 or get a new one and tell me why,,,

Thanks :)

EEEpc gaming

Just got my EEEpc 900ha and 2gb kingston ram and play most games such as halo 1 and cod1 abd frets on fire perfectly it runs stuff very welll overclockd to 2.1gh which is a high overclock im just wondering if left 4 dead is able to run with 3d anlyze and such plz reply.

ps also can farcry 2 reallly run at high ettings at 20 frames just wondering.

My thoughts on xbox 360 vs ps3 vs wii

I guess im not really someone that can really say much about which one is better i have all3 i seem to almost never use the nintendo wii unless i want to check a few stuff or a new game comes out to play it. The xbox360 i play often but i have been playing more often since more great games are coming out but the ps3 well im always on the ps3 whether to play games chat make videos whatever i also go on the browser alot too im going to give each score of the number i prefer them in

1.playstation 3

2.xbox 360


plz tell me wat u guys think in through comments thats all:(

psp 3000 or psp 2000

Im just wondering if i should get the new psp or stick with this i mean i noticed a big diffrence in the quality and amount of glare and their is a 4gb stick so what do u guys think?

new playstation 3

I was wondering beacuse i am getting a 80 gig ps3 and i was wondering if any one has good ideas for games i could get besides resistance or warhawk.

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