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Oh my...

Bah. I don't mind struggling. I've got a computer - I'm used to it. But when things start getting too bad and it's actually ticking me off... Well then it has to go. Hence why I uninstalled Dungeon Siege II. Everything will be working fine and then the next moment the game will just collapse. Typical Microsoft style actually and should have been expected from the start. Don't actually even know *why* I'm playing it seeing as I didn't like the first one... Anyhow.... I'm currently addicted to time management games and have also had a strange urge to play sims2 again. Things are moving along smoothly : I've killed off 3 people and 1 pet so far, and Mortimer Goth's life was very interesting near the end... I like playing god ^.^

The Horror

Sadly enough after installing Lord of the Rings : Battle for Middle Earth II and playing it for all of 10 minutes (I was just about to summon Boromir) the game crashed so horribly that I had to reboot. The whole business left a sour taste in my mouth (it's been ages since I last needed to reboot) and I haven't played the game again since...

Luckily I'm always playing 10 games at any given time so I just continued rather with Legacy of Kain - Defiance. Awesome game so far, really enjoying it! Stuck at the moment. Seem to have left the air reavebehind somewhere... *sigh*

And sitting here wishing I could rather be playing games than at work, working...

Anyway, lunch is over... Back to the salt mines it seems!