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Why Majora's Mask Reminds me of my Mother


Mother's Day has passed and it always makes me depressed every year since 2003. You probably wondering why, well it has to do with the death of my mother. She passed away March 21st 2003, two weeks after I turned 16 and phew. The thing is my mother paid more attention to my brother Ben, MR. PERFECT!!!!!

When Majora's Mask came out I wanted to get my copy of Ocarina of Time. It was sold out though and we noticed that there were only 3 copies of Majora's Mask. So my mom grabbed one and the graphics card that was needed for the graphics. I was so happy because I love the Zelda series and OCarina of Time is my favorite.

I remember spending hours playing and the three day cycle blew my mind wide. So one day my mom walked by the room and asked me about the game and such. So we sat on my bed and I explained to her about how it's a sequel to a previous game. Soon I was explaning the history and why I was more interested in video games.

She sat there with a blank expression and the next words she said to me broke my heart. " That sounds boring, why can't you just be like a normal girl and go outside." She left the room and I remember slamming the door and crying myself to sleep. So I didn't talk to her for a week and that was fine to me she liked Ben more than me.

So whenever i got a game, my mom just looked at me and then just did what she normally did. One day as I came home from school, my mom asked me to come to her room to talk. She looked up to me, this guilty look on her face and my brother Ben was at his job. My mother apologized for what she said and how she treated me over the years.

She didn't mean to be that way, she actually thought I hated her all this time. I told her that it wasn't her fault, it was my grandma who mental hurt my mom. My mother soon went into the hospital and it turns out she had lukemia. That was the last time I spoke to my mother and it still haunts me to this day.

I always wonder what my mom would think of my gaming habits if she was still alive today? I was mad because I had to go through the rest of high school without my mother around. My brother Ben told me that he hated the fact that our mother favorited him more than me. We had a serious chat two weeks after she passed away and I was shocked by this information.

We still talk from time to time, but the fact is I wonder if i will be a good mother f I had kids? I wrote this because I wanted to show why the Zelda series is so important to me. Also it shows why I'm still mad at Tom McShea for his review of Skyward Sword. I should thank my brother Ben since the was the one who got me into the series. I feel better getting this off my chest and I hope this explains a bit about me.

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i can't believe i never saw this blog. i'm so sorry you were hurt so badly in the past, especially by someone you love and who is supposed to love you back unconditionally. like you said about your mom being hurt by her mom, well, some people really are damaged. it's not your job to fix it, but i know that doesn't make it better. it does sound like your brother loves you, and that your mom did, too, she just didn't seem to understand how to act or express herself.

about wondering what kind of mom you'll be... that's entirely up to you. you have the option to let the past repeat itself, or learn from it and be the kind of mom YOU want to be. i have a feeling that, because of what you went through and because you SEE that it may affect you in your future relationships, that you will be guarded against it and will probably be a wonderful, loving and caring mom. 

thanks for your blog, and i'm glad you had a chance to get that off your chest and feel a little better :)