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The Next Xbox

Alright now that the PS4 has flooded the internet with it's announcement 3 days ago, I decided to share what I think the next Xbox will offer. First thing is a sensor that will warn you when someone whether family or friend will come to where you are playing and calculate how much time they will take away from your gaming before they enter the room. I think this will prevent more game over screens from happening due to being distracted. Next would be a holographic interfeace with the next Kinect being made. In Minority Report, they have the interface right in front of them and they can search alot easier which makes me hope the next Kinect has this to offer. I know the Xbox has a music player and I think it would be awesome to edit and pick your music and such this way.

The name is what has me worried as a gamer and a consumer since they already did the Xbox Elite. Not to mention an article from a Microsoft employee stating it won't be called the 720 I mean really. The only name I can think of is Xbox 2 or Xbox Pro, no no that won't work. Well whatever name they pick, I'm sure they took the time to do so. The size of the machiine is another thing, I mean can they make it smaller than it is now? I bet they will make look more like an X like the first Xbox did ecept they had the X imprint on the top of the console. An Xbox shaped like an x, sounds unique, but it probably won't be able to hold all that technology and it would make the price go up.

Pricing is the next thing since It's been a year for me having the slim Xbox and to be honest, I really don't feel like buying a new console since I haven't even decided on getting the Wii U. No doubt it will be in the 300-400 dollar range, but maybe they will have it at a lower price for once, who knows. What would be beneficial is a video game disc buffering machine to come along with the Xbox. Be honest, who hasn;t had to buy a used copy of a game and to find it has scrateches!! That really irks me as a gamer that other gamers don't take care of their games. Imagine being able to make a scuffed up game work like brand new when you plug in the machine and your Xbox tells you if it can be saved or not. It would save tme and money from buying the machine at Best Buy when it comes already with the console.

Alright this is what I would want with the next Xbox so it's from a consumer view and what I think what should be in it. Also I wonder how big will the hardrive be for this console? I knnow 350 is the biggest for the Xbox and it makes me wonder if they'll make a 450 gb hardrive. That would be helpful and it will make people buy more Xboxes, but hey I could be wrong. If you're going to leave a negative comment, then don't for I will keep blogging and those who leave negative comments are jerks!!