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My Fifth Year of Being a Game Spotter

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5 years? Never thought it would happen, but how to express what has happened to me so far this year. First of all I have moved into a new home in Apple Valley California. Reason for leaving is because family drama overpowered the good memories it had and the area was turning into a burnout. The house is very spacious and the neighborhood is peaceful. I will upload pictures of it on my twitter soon. Assassin's Creed 4 was released near my anniversary date being t came out on the 29th and mine being on the 30th. This year is exciting because this is the start on the next generation of gaming consoles, but i will wait a bit before getting one and enjoy my 360 to the fullest. Also I am sad that most of the members of this community left because GameSpot has be redone. I like the new site and hope that it gets up and running like it was before. What sucks is that Jody Robertson is not here since she decided to become a game designer and I wish her good luck on her journey. I use to visit a site called DragonAdopters.com, but it had to close down this year due to it being to expensive to keep the server up and running. I will miss the dragons I had raised on that site and I wish it will reopen soon. Sorry for making this short, but I am still unpacking into my house and I will add more when I have more time. :)



Hey there :) I know how family drama could overpower good old memories (It happened to me and got worse and couldn't do anything about it) The removal of Fuse was a sad thing to happen to GS, it was a good feature. I may also wait little bit before getting next-gen, I still have plans for the current gen (PS3 here) too.