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May DarkSiders 3 Appear at E3 2013


Well fellow gamers it's only 10 days until E3 of 2013 comes and it's both exciting and nerve racking. Like alot of fans of the Darksiders series, we're wondering what the third game will have to offer to us. Even though it won't come out this year which is saddening, I know it will launch either 2014 or 2015. I keep praying that a tease trailer or a screen-shot will appear at E3 with the new consoles coming out.

What has me worried is will there be a third game in the series or will it stop and go into limbo like so many. I know Nordic Games purchased the IP, surprising I thought Platinum Games would have snatched that up. I'm not sure what games Nordic has made, but so far they haven't said much about it or if it has a chance. I loved the first game and the storyline really got me hooked and I kept going back to it and I finally beat it. Now I barely started playing the second game since i like to take my time with video games and all.

My concerns start with the obvious question, what horseman will the third game feature Fury or Strife? How much bigger will the world map be since Darksiders 2 was alot bigger than the first game map. Will the weapons and armor customization be like Darksiders 2 or will it go to how it was in the first game?vWill the game take place when War was imprisoned or will take place after the ending of Darksiders 2? Big question is will they come out on current generation consoles or will they be next generation exclusives?

Some things are left hanging in the sir, but it seems only E3 will tell us what will happen to Darksiders? I keep wondering if Nordic will make a game where you can play as all four of the horseman at once. Oh man can you imagine switching in-between the four like they did in the FUSE game, epic brain melt here!!!!