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Mass Defect DLC

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Like most of us our favorite games sometimes need a little thing or two to expand our replayability. In this case I chose the DLC for Mass Effect as an example of why one can make the achievements in the game tedious and make you hte it! I am talking about the Pinncale Statiom DLC that is not included when you purchase the Platinum version of Mass Effect. Bringing Down the Sky is a excellent add on which made playing Mass Effect more epic than it already is, but Pinnacle Station didn't.

Here in Pinnacle Station when you become a Spectre, you get an invitation to try out these battle simulations on this station. At first i thought oh cool a new way to improve my shooting skills and performnce to clear out bandits holds and defet enemies quicker. When you start there four types of missions and two are to do them in. The objectives are explained and that no real grenades or something like that which make you choose who you want on your team to help clear these.

The thing is, the enemy respawning in there is so dumb and it makes you fail these missions on purpose I swear. Also sometimes when you have one enemy to go and your time is perfect, the enemy appears in a rock or wall. They don't move and you end up wasting time trying to either lurre them our or trying to find the target to shoot them. Another thing is that the enemies are geth type. I mean a different variety would be good like batarians or a turian, but no it' geth since they are a big threat.

So even if you beat all 12 scenarios, there is one left and you get a retirement home as a prize? My question is does it carry on to Mass Effect 2 and 3? Also with the reapers how would you enjoy it as you sip some tea and watch the beautiful view. " What a nice retirement home I won, the view of the stars, the peaceful feeling and a reaper slowly foating by, wait a reaper?!" I figured besides an achievement there would a trophy in your cabin or a medal or a perk or some rare armor to wear in the final fight. So in conclusion some gmes don't need a clunky, glitchy DLC to mar the beauty of it unless it is done right and the price for it is reasonable.