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Four Years of GameSpot and Counting

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This is my first anniversary blog ever so I want to make it count even though I have to wait until next year to get the five year emblem. So what makes this year great is the fact that Assassin's Creed 3 came out on the Exact day I joined GameSpot October 30th 2008 is when I became a GameSpotter. Also I got to message with two of my favorite editors on this site and they are Maxwell McGee and Seb Ford! I almost forgot Chris Watters such an interesting man. Interesting fact they are the same age as me which is 25, but Chris is older though anyway I'm rambling on here so much to tell, so little time.

I finally made my costume of one of my favorite characters from the Naruto Anime. Most of you seen it is the six tails form of the demon fox Kurama. The total cost was under 100 dollars, but definately worth it. Comic Con 2012 is a ig deal for me since Shaun McInnis was hosting since Chris Watters was on vacation and it shocked me that Shaun read most of my tweets. Second Day during the One Piece Game Demo he read my comment about staying hydrated in San Diego and thanked me for it. I just typed it, didn't think he wuld read it, but I felt all numb which is a good thing I hope. On the third day of the stage show though he read most of my questions although I missed the Halo 4 demo, still it was awesome and near the end when he talks with John Davidson and Justin Calvert he has a small stack of the 2012 Alex Ross Comic signed in which he wanted to reward one of GameSpot's twitter followers and he said my name!!! I screamed and I died yes I died of shock and joy and I have it on display.

Also this year is sad too because alot of editors are now gone to do other things in the gaming industry. I really miss Tom Magrino and it angered me when I found out he was laid off due to budget cuts or something stupid and that The HotSpot was being put down for good. I still cry about it since it hurts and okay I need to be strong here. Then on GamePlay Podcast John Davidson announced on an episode he was leaving GameSpot to start some gaming project and I hope he does well. Then I found out on Quoted for Truth that Brendan Sinclair was gone as well!! Madness people I mean I liked him alot and he is on my friends list along with Synthia and Jody :) It made my day on the Super Mario Kart Anniversary video when Tom McShea was talking about the quality of the different versions and I typed in "My God I am surprised that Tom McShea is still alive Despite all the smack he talks about Mario." Brendan read it twice which made me laugh and the fact that Tom McShea liked it which left me confused. Anyway even though this site is changing to fit in the future, there is no other gaming website I rather be at and I made so many friends here, why would i leave all that so this is my 4th year here and I hope GameSpot stays online for a long time :D