Female Gamers Need Respect

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For those of you who don't know I am a female gamer despite the fact that my gamertag may mislead some. I stand against the fact that most male gamers think we don't know or have the chops to face against them in online battles. Back then there weren't many games for girls to get into and most of the gaming community was based on male gamers. Things are different today, but there are those who think otherwise due to the fact they are wither iggnorant ot odd.

I remember growing up and I knew I would be a gamer, but the video game market wasn't as great as it is today. i remember playing Megaman X for that was the game that got me into gaming and started my gaming lifestyle. My example starts with the fact that most girls are intimidated when talking online because the fact that is a real person on the other end responding. I find myself intimidated, but I still try anyway, what I don't like is that girl gamers get told sexual or rude comments. I mean when a girl plays a game against a guy and the rule was don't beat him because it hurts his ego.

I think we have as much right to prove we have the skills as any male gamer and hold our own either in Halo multiplayer like King of the Hill or capture the flag, scavenger mode and survival if there is one. Just becuase we're girls doesn't mean we don't know what we're talking about whether it's about Halo multiplayer or the different fighting styles and balance of characters in fighting games. We respect the guys when playing and it shouldn't be too much to ask for the same I mean we don't rub in the fact when we beat them unless they were bragging about it non-stop. It's good to be put in your place once in awhile, not during a Halo party filled with drunk or hyped up players.

What my point is that female gamers know video games are made for play and enjoy despite the fact most of the players that buy them are guys. I like Halo, Assassin's Creed and Soul Caliber and even though I am girl, I know my games and I am not ashamed of being a female gamer. So for those of you fellow female gamers out there who hide their gaming skills, you shouldn't, be proud of your lifesyle choice or hobby whether it falls into for I am gamer and that's how I will spend my days until they pput me in the ground! :)