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A New Year Means a New Selection of Videogames

YAHOOOOOO!!!!! 2013 is here and to those who thought the world was going to end shame on you! Sorry needed to say that, anyway snce this is a new year I wanted to start off well with what games I want this year. First is Anarchy Reigns which comes out tomorrow is very exciting since it continues where MadWorld left off. Then we have the new DMC game with Dante's new look and totally different controls. Sure it ticked some people that they changed it, but change happens whether we like it or not. Besides why let the series die if they don't change it to bring in new fans, but not so much it's different. Also my birthday is next which means I'll be 26 years old, shocking!! I am nervous about E3 this year and REALLY hope there's no talk of a new console. I mean the end of January this year will mark the one year since i bought the 360. I don't feel like getting a new console and I don't know if I should get a Wii U despite the fact I'll get it just to play Bayonetta 2, the New Zeld game being developed and the unannounced No More Heroes game Suda 51 said he would make for intendo's next home console. So this is my first blog of 2013 and I wish you all good luck for this year :)