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A New Year Means a New Selection of Videogames

YAHOOOOOO!!!!! 2013 is here and to those who thought the world was going to end shame on you! Sorry needed to say that, anyway snce this is a new year I wanted to start off well with what games I want this year. First is Anarchy Reigns which comes out tomorrow is very exciting since it continues where MadWorld left off. Then we have the new DMC game with Dante's new look and totally different controls. Sure it ticked some people that they changed it, but change happens whether we like it or not. Besides why let the series die if they don't change it to bring in new fans, but not so much it's different. Also my birthday is next which means I'll be 26 years old, shocking!! I am nervous about E3 this year and REALLY hope there's no talk of a new console. I mean the end of January this year will mark the one year since i bought the 360. I don't feel like getting a new console and I don't know if I should get a Wii U despite the fact I'll get it just to play Bayonetta 2, the New Zeld game being developed and the unannounced No More Heroes game Suda 51 said he would make for intendo's next home console. So this is my first blog of 2013 and I wish you all good luck for this year :)

Four Years of GameSpot and Counting

Dragon Face

This is my first anniversary blog ever so I want to make it count even though I have to wait until next year to get the five year emblem. So what makes this year great is the fact that Assassin's Creed 3 came out on the Exact day I joined GameSpot October 30th 2008 is when I became a GameSpotter. Also I got to message with two of my favorite editors on this site and they are Maxwell McGee and Seb Ford! I almost forgot Chris Watters such an interesting man. Interesting fact they are the same age as me which is 25, but Chris is older though anyway I'm rambling on here so much to tell, so little time.

I finally made my costume of one of my favorite characters from the Naruto Anime. Most of you seen it is the six tails form of the demon fox Kurama. The total cost was under 100 dollars, but definately worth it. Comic Con 2012 is a ig deal for me since Shaun McInnis was hosting since Chris Watters was on vacation and it shocked me that Shaun read most of my tweets. Second Day during the One Piece Game Demo he read my comment about staying hydrated in San Diego and thanked me for it. I just typed it, didn't think he wuld read it, but I felt all numb which is a good thing I hope. On the third day of the stage show though he read most of my questions although I missed the Halo 4 demo, still it was awesome and near the end when he talks with John Davidson and Justin Calvert he has a small stack of the 2012 Alex Ross Comic signed in which he wanted to reward one of GameSpot's twitter followers and he said my name!!! I screamed and I died yes I died of shock and joy and I have it on display.

Also this year is sad too because alot of editors are now gone to do other things in the gaming industry. I really miss Tom Magrino and it angered me when I found out he was laid off due to budget cuts or something stupid and that The HotSpot was being put down for good. I still cry about it since it hurts and okay I need to be strong here. Then on GamePlay Podcast John Davidson announced on an episode he was leaving GameSpot to start some gaming project and I hope he does well. Then I found out on Quoted for Truth that Brendan Sinclair was gone as well!! Madness people I mean I liked him alot and he is on my friends list along with Synthia and Jody :) It made my day on the Super Mario Kart Anniversary video when Tom McShea was talking about the quality of the different versions and I typed in "My God I am surprised that Tom McShea is still alive Despite all the smack he talks about Mario." Brendan read it twice which made me laugh and the fact that Tom McShea liked it which left me confused. Anyway even though this site is changing to fit in the future, there is no other gaming website I rather be at and I made so many friends here, why would i leave all that so this is my 4th year here and I hope GameSpot stays online for a long time :D

Female Gamers Need Respect

My Style

For those of you who don't know I am a female gamer despite the fact that my gamertag may mislead some. I stand against the fact that most male gamers think we don't know or have the chops to face against them in online battles. Back then there weren't many games for girls to get into and most of the gaming community was based on male gamers. Things are different today, but there are those who think otherwise due to the fact they are wither iggnorant ot odd.

I remember growing up and I knew I would be a gamer, but the video game market wasn't as great as it is today. i remember playing Megaman X for that was the game that got me into gaming and started my gaming lifestyle. My example starts with the fact that most girls are intimidated when talking online because the fact that is a real person on the other end responding. I find myself intimidated, but I still try anyway, what I don't like is that girl gamers get told sexual or rude comments. I mean when a girl plays a game against a guy and the rule was don't beat him because it hurts his ego.

I think we have as much right to prove we have the skills as any male gamer and hold our own either in Halo multiplayer like King of the Hill or capture the flag, scavenger mode and survival if there is one. Just becuase we're girls doesn't mean we don't know what we're talking about whether it's about Halo multiplayer or the different fighting styles and balance of characters in fighting games. We respect the guys when playing and it shouldn't be too much to ask for the same I mean we don't rub in the fact when we beat them unless they were bragging about it non-stop. It's good to be put in your place once in awhile, not during a Halo party filled with drunk or hyped up players.

What my point is that female gamers know video games are made for play and enjoy despite the fact most of the players that buy them are guys. I like Halo, Assassin's Creed and Soul Caliber and even though I am girl, I know my games and I am not ashamed of being a female gamer. So for those of you fellow female gamers out there who hide their gaming skills, you shouldn't, be proud of your lifesyle choice or hobby whether it falls into for I am gamer and that's how I will spend my days until they pput me in the ground! :)

Mass Defect DLC


Like most of us our favorite games sometimes need a little thing or two to expand our replayability. In this case I chose the DLC for Mass Effect as an example of why one can make the achievements in the game tedious and make you hte it! I am talking about the Pinncale Statiom DLC that is not included when you purchase the Platinum version of Mass Effect. Bringing Down the Sky is a excellent add on which made playing Mass Effect more epic than it already is, but Pinnacle Station didn't.

Here in Pinnacle Station when you become a Spectre, you get an invitation to try out these battle simulations on this station. At first i thought oh cool a new way to improve my shooting skills and performnce to clear out bandits holds and defet enemies quicker. When you start there four types of missions and two are to do them in. The objectives are explained and that no real grenades or something like that which make you choose who you want on your team to help clear these.

The thing is, the enemy respawning in there is so dumb and it makes you fail these missions on purpose I swear. Also sometimes when you have one enemy to go and your time is perfect, the enemy appears in a rock or wall. They don't move and you end up wasting time trying to either lurre them our or trying to find the target to shoot them. Another thing is that the enemies are geth type. I mean a different variety would be good like batarians or a turian, but no it' geth since they are a big threat.

So even if you beat all 12 scenarios, there is one left and you get a retirement home as a prize? My question is does it carry on to Mass Effect 2 and 3? Also with the reapers how would you enjoy it as you sip some tea and watch the beautiful view. " What a nice retirement home I won, the view of the stars, the peaceful feeling and a reaper slowly foating by, wait a reaper?!" I figured besides an achievement there would a trophy in your cabin or a medal or a perk or some rare armor to wear in the final fight. So in conclusion some gmes don't need a clunky, glitchy DLC to mar the beauty of it unless it is done right and the price for it is reasonable.

Achievements Make Gamers Game

Elder Scrolls

Videogame achievements for Xbox Warriors and Playstation Pirates are in essence medals that show off their gamers skills. The thing is most games have either the simple ones you get just by either starting a new file or knowing the series by heart. The other side is the must collect every coin, weapon, data or picture in some just to unlock it. Fighting games to me have the most frustrating if not rage inducing achievements that make a gamer destroy their controller, television or their patience.

Street Fighter is one of the fighting games that make you wonder how can anyone accomplish these and yet they still play them? I see achievements as a way to enjoy the most of the money you spent to purchase the game and get your money worth out of it. For example, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is the latest in the series and so far the achievements in it make you want to indulge in the universe. I purchased the Collector Edition since I never played a single entry in the series and I figured why not start with Skyrim.

The way the story has you choose which side of the Civil War, vampire or werewolf, what storyline to start makes the achievements worth it as you lose yourself in it. I like how you have to complete a storyline or certain mission in order to get the achievement of being master thief, craftsman, mage or siding with either the StormCloaks or Imperial legion. Still some people think this system cheapens the experience since gamers only care about getting the achievement out of the way. I say this makes the game more fun and make your brain burn on your choices and commands whether you did a finishing move correctly or performed enough headshots.

Some are tedious depending on the genre of the game and who created it. Still i wonder what do you with the gold you get for the Xbox Achievements? I mean besides showing how dedicated you are when spending the time to experience every single detail the game has to offer. I can why some have only 2 or no achievements on a game and yet some trade them in due to lack of patience. I see these as showing that you love the game, the series and the challenges you conquered to show off. Not to mention showing why you chose to be a gamer in the first place. So with this I say video game achievements are the extra push to show how skilled we are with our video game controllers :)

Why M-Rated Games Should Be Left Alone!!

Primal Rage

I know the game rating system was made to ensure certain video games were appropriate for each age group and all, but so far these rules are robbing the fun out of buying or playing them. I mean before you weren't asked for your I.D. or birthday to make sure you were old enough to purchase M-Rated titles. Don't you think it's embarrassing the gamer to recite their birthday and show that they are old enough? It's bad enough people think gamers are weird for wanting to be inside rather than outside and the fact that no one wants to be judged by what they play. I really hate it when they ask me these things and they're like 'really you must a disturbed person since you're buying this violent game. Even though these rules are here, kids still find ways to buy them even if they aren't old enough to purchase them. Also it sucks when a game is changed because one person didn't like which explains my image for this editorial. Primal Rage was a fighting game popular in the ninties which had you control one of different prehistoric dinosaurs and tear each other apart. It was like Mortal Kombat, but with dinosaurs and one stupid lady ruined it.

This woman bought the game and the strategy guide for her 12 year old son. He performed a fatality called Golden Shower in which Chaos urinated on his opponent and left their bones for the victory. When she saw this, she started a petition and it made the company issue a recall of the games and basically made them with no blood and the fatalities locked unless you cracked the safety placed on the game. Also people shouldn't be blaming the games for their children's actions, they should blame the parents for not monitoring what their children are playing. I mean making it harder for underage kids to buy them ticks off those who are old enough and ruins the experience if they change it to be family friendly.

People forget that THESE ARE GAMES, THE VIOLENCE IS NOT REAL! It's just an animated depiction of what could happen in real life, it's just a fantasy with blood, explosions and most of us play them for stress release and to escape reality. I play them because I like violent video games and they help me vent my frustrations and take a break from the world. Banning them is not going to stop the violence, there's already violence before video games started adding violence to them. By editing the violent game, you are ruining someone's masterpiece and hard work making them less likely to create more. I could argue until my jaw locks up and I stand up to those who think violent video games make children and people become violent and commit murders. Those people who do those things were already disturbed before the video game and also the parents not paying attention is another factor, but they won't admit they made a mistake

Jon Talbain An Underrated Werewolf in Video Games

Werewolves haven't been given their due much in video games besides them being all cool in Skyrim and Castlevania. One such character hasn't been mentioned that much or seen in many fighting games other than in the background which is a travisty! Jon Talbain of Dark Stalkers has only been a playable character in the Dark Stalkers Seriesand since then, he hasn't been placed as a playable character since then. All we know is that he never knew his parents with his mother dieing after giving birth to him and his father not around which in his bio staes his father is a werewol and his mother is human, He never blames his parents for what he is when he discovered he is a Dark Stalker. Despite being a videogame character, he is smoking hot, I'd grab him in a heartbeat. It amazes me that he doesn't kill or hurt humans even though they attack or try to kill him just because of what he is. Children aren't afraid of him and see him as a hero. His fur color scheme depends on what game he is in. His human form shows he has platinum hair like Cornell from the Castlevania series. Normal style is blue and white fur with him wearing purple pants with a yellow belt. Another style is gray and white fur with a red blt and yellow belt. It is confirmed that he has an evil side named Gallon or which is browinish gold and white fur. He lives in peace as a hermit due to his belief that humans will never accept Dark Stalkers, but his best friend Felicia thinks otherwise. Alot of his moves are ki based and martial arts. One energy attack is shaped like a pack of running wolves and his dark side attack is a huge dragon shaped blast. Despite finding out there is no way to cure his cursed blood, Jon keeps pushing his limits to find his own cure. He hasn't been in the Marvel vs Capcoma nd I wish they would put him in since they put Felicia and Morrigan. I don't know why, maybe it's a licensing issue or something dumb. Although a DLC pack for Marvel vs Capcom 3 has a skin for Amaterasu with his fur and clothes as a tribute to him. For once I would like to see him as a playable character again is it too much to ask for that Capcom? :/

Elder Scrolls Online. The Horror!

Why?Why of all the games why make an MMO of Elder Scrolls?!mThis isn't some mindless game like farming or those odd facebooks games we see popping up like weeds. MMOS are ridiculous and phony since they aren't priginal in gameplay or story line. I mean WOW does it well even though you have to pay to play it, This will just ruin The reputation of Elder Scrolls. Why be in a game where you meet different people using customized avatars. No offense to Xbox Live, PSN Network, or Nintendo's Miis. If you want to meet new people, go on Facebook or Myspace. Online gaming was made to challenge others of like minds to see who can snipe quicker,sneak up and assassinate the opponent or bomb them before they realize what's happened. As Seb demonstrated when Start/Select first announced the online game coming out, he called out selecting the Dragon Class. See right there everyone and their mother will pick dragon while the low amount will pick lion or bird. I see the story is before Skyrim, but how can it be original if everyone is playing? Also how do we know players won't cheat by trading items or helping others solve quests and glitch the most powerful weapons for everyone to play. I know this will upset alot of people, but I don't care and I wanted to get this off my chest. So if anyone has a problem, bring it on!


Irony or Ironic is always when something weird happens on a day or holiday. Like a mall Santa dieing on Christmas Eve or a Jack O Lantern disappears on Halloween. I always find ironic things to be creepy and somewhat like a message is being sent for some reason. For example I started preparing myself for when I get a 360 by getting games for the console and having money ready for the online subscription. It's ironic because if you were to go back 5 or 6 years when I was getting the Wii at launch and told me I would getting a 360 later on I would laughed at you and told you vulgar things about the console. Because I see people who have 360 and PS3 as servants to Sony and Microsoft. I mean I hate the Kinect with a passion since it's just a camera following your body moevements and I doubt it could follow the movement of a fart, but hey my opinion. Over the years I have seen so many games for it and sure the graphics are sweet and such, but would you picture me playing a 360? Well I want to get one and see what it offers and why it's popular in sales and life. I may sound hypocritical, but I will always be a loyal Nintendo Addict, but I want to broaden my horizons and views of the gaming world by getting this console and see what it offers. I have played some games on my friends' PS3 and it's okay and fun. Well what I wanted to say that it's ironic that I was always against the 360 and now I am getting one myself just to see what made me go against this console. I won Halo Combat Anniversary Evolved anniversary Edition so maybe that's why, but hey I hope this brings a new chapter in my life of gaming and I will always be a gamer no matter what. :)

Where To Go From Here Nintendo?

Okay I know I may have asked about this, but where can Mario go from Galaxy? I mean mario has been to alot of places in and outside of the Mushroom Kingdom. I mean saving a princess is repetive especially since it's always the same villian who kidnaps her for some odd reason or whatever. I'm not trying to offend or anger loyal fans of the plumber, but where exactly can Mario pull us in as he goes on another adventure. Not to mention it never hints how old he is since galaxy mentions the star shower is always every 100 hundred years and yet Mario looks the same? Galaxy was different because you get to explore other planets and new items helped you with the different and crazy atmospheres each planets offered. Galaxy 2 was a perfect sequel, but now what to do for the next console game? I mean when will Bowser stop trying to kidnap Princess Peach? Why not do a game where it is the future and Bowser Jr. of Mari is in charge of the koopas fighting against the son or daughter of Mario and Peach? I would like to see that as a game or maybe something close to it. All I am saying is what does Nintendo have in store for us and mario to keep us buying their products and games?

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