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My YouTube Channel

I just wanted to say that I have started a new gaming channel and it would be cool if you guys checked it out, here is the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvrrDCKaV749WWpk6zFYbPg

Why I don't like Ben 10 Omniverse

Wow it's been too long since I last made a blog. Ben 10 Omniverse is when the series started going down for me since I've been watching the series since the very beginning. See the man behind the heart was Dwayne McDuffie god rest his soul. See he was the one who was behind the series being rebooted and he worked on Teen Titans and Justice League. Anyway Alien Force was good because it shows Ben getting back to being the unseen alien hero of Bellwood and we see him form a team with his former enemy Kevin and his annoying cousin Gwen. Then Ultimate Alien came and that was really good since we see Ben using the Ultimatrix since the Omnitrix was destroyed at the end of Alien Force. Yeah those were very good times. Now when Omniverse first premiered,ugh the art style was creepy and they looked weird. Big thing that ruined it was the fact that Kevin is off the show!!!! I mean Gwen was off the show because her character got into college two years ahead of time, but the fucking fact that Kevin left with her was just the final line for me. You know Dwayne McDuffie passed away three days before my birthday and what sucks is that they didn't say how much of the Ben 10 series he worked on. He made the show funny, dramatic with his writing and without him, it's just a shell. I thought the Teen Titans Go series was just dumb, the original voices are there, but really? It's just stupid. That's why they should leave things alone, but hey I won't watch Omniverse because I want my good memories of the series to be untarnished.

My Birthday

Just forgot to write this, but Tuesday February 25th was my birthday and I was too busy exploring Apple Valley to update. Anyway it was cool watching the first episode of The Lobby and Chris Watters tweeting me a Happy Birthday was soooo epic!!!! I don't feel any different being 27, but hey age is just a number right?

My Fifth Year of Being a Game Spotter

5 years? Never thought it would happen, but how to express what has happened to me so far this year. First of all I have moved into a new home in Apple Valley California. Reason for leaving is because family drama overpowered the good memories it had and the area was turning into a burnout. The house is very spacious and the neighborhood is peaceful. I will upload pictures of it on my twitter soon. Assassin's Creed 4 was released near my anniversary date being t came out on the 29th and mine being on the 30th. This year is exciting because this is the start on the next generation of gaming consoles, but i will wait a bit before getting one and enjoy my 360 to the fullest. Also I am sad that most of the members of this community left because GameSpot has be redone. I like the new site and hope that it gets up and running like it was before. What sucks is that Jody Robertson is not here since she decided to become a game designer and I wish her good luck on her journey. I use to visit a site called DragonAdopters.com, but it had to close down this year due to it being to expensive to keep the server up and running. I will miss the dragons I had raised on that site and I wish it will reopen soon. Sorry for making this short, but I am still unpacking into my house and I will add more when I have more time. :)

Why Majora's Mask Reminds me of my Mother


Mother's Day has passed and it always makes me depressed every year since 2003. You probably wondering why, well it has to do with the death of my mother. She passed away March 21st 2003, two weeks after I turned 16 and phew. The thing is my mother paid more attention to my brother Ben, MR. PERFECT!!!!!

When Majora's Mask came out I wanted to get my copy of Ocarina of Time. It was sold out though and we noticed that there were only 3 copies of Majora's Mask. So my mom grabbed one and the graphics card that was needed for the graphics. I was so happy because I love the Zelda series and OCarina of Time is my favorite.

I remember spending hours playing and the three day cycle blew my mind wide. So one day my mom walked by the room and asked me about the game and such. So we sat on my bed and I explained to her about how it's a sequel to a previous game. Soon I was explaning the history and why I was more interested in video games.

She sat there with a blank expression and the next words she said to me broke my heart. " That sounds boring, why can't you just be like a normal girl and go outside." She left the room and I remember slamming the door and crying myself to sleep. So I didn't talk to her for a week and that was fine to me she liked Ben more than me.

So whenever i got a game, my mom just looked at me and then just did what she normally did. One day as I came home from school, my mom asked me to come to her room to talk. She looked up to me, this guilty look on her face and my brother Ben was at his job. My mother apologized for what she said and how she treated me over the years.

She didn't mean to be that way, she actually thought I hated her all this time. I told her that it wasn't her fault, it was my grandma who mental hurt my mom. My mother soon went into the hospital and it turns out she had lukemia. That was the last time I spoke to my mother and it still haunts me to this day.

I always wonder what my mom would think of my gaming habits if she was still alive today? I was mad because I had to go through the rest of high school without my mother around. My brother Ben told me that he hated the fact that our mother favorited him more than me. We had a serious chat two weeks after she passed away and I was shocked by this information.

We still talk from time to time, but the fact is I wonder if i will be a good mother f I had kids? I wrote this because I wanted to show why the Zelda series is so important to me. Also it shows why I'm still mad at Tom McShea for his review of Skyward Sword. I should thank my brother Ben since the was the one who got me into the series. I feel better getting this off my chest and I hope this explains a bit about me.

May DarkSiders 3 Appear at E3 2013


Well fellow gamers it's only 10 days until E3 of 2013 comes and it's both exciting and nerve racking. Like alot of fans of the Darksiders series, we're wondering what the third game will have to offer to us. Even though it won't come out this year which is saddening, I know it will launch either 2014 or 2015. I keep praying that a tease trailer or a screen-shot will appear at E3 with the new consoles coming out.

What has me worried is will there be a third game in the series or will it stop and go into limbo like so many. I know Nordic Games purchased the IP, surprising I thought Platinum Games would have snatched that up. I'm not sure what games Nordic has made, but so far they haven't said much about it or if it has a chance. I loved the first game and the storyline really got me hooked and I kept going back to it and I finally beat it. Now I barely started playing the second game since i like to take my time with video games and all.

My concerns start with the obvious question, what horseman will the third game feature Fury or Strife? How much bigger will the world map be since Darksiders 2 was alot bigger than the first game map. Will the weapons and armor customization be like Darksiders 2 or will it go to how it was in the first game?vWill the game take place when War was imprisoned or will take place after the ending of Darksiders 2? Big question is will they come out on current generation consoles or will they be next generation exclusives?

Some things are left hanging in the sir, but it seems only E3 will tell us what will happen to Darksiders? I keep wondering if Nordic will make a game where you can play as all four of the horseman at once. Oh man can you imagine switching in-between the four like they did in the FUSE game, epic brain melt here!!!! 

The Lost Spark of the Pokemon Series


Like so many Pokemon fans out there, I am one of the many who watched the anime when it first came to the US.I remember it clearly since it came out before Digimon and what got me hooked was the voices of the characters. Sure the pokemon were different and colorful, but the voice actors they chose really fit the characters right. Even though most of the episodes had an after achool feel to some of them, it was written well for a cartoon.

The saturday mornings I got up early to watch the new episodes even though my eyes burned after staying up. I did get into the card game and video games, but the series drew you in as you love the characters to death. Veronica Taylor as Ash Ketchum, Eric Stuart as Brock and James and Rachael Lillis as Misty were the gold standard. One moment that really got to me was the episode where they split apart and it still gets to me to this day.

I watched every episode and special from the first season to season eight where I believe the spark was lost. See during a podcast interview, Eric Stuart revealed that when Season 8 was done, new voice actors were already hired. The company figured they were saving thousands of dollars by hirng new voice actors instead of keeping the originals. See that greedy move right there is what made me stop watching the series, but I played the games though.

See I grew up with Veronica, Eric and Rachael as Ash, Brck and Misty in Pokemon and I hoped it would stay that way. When I watched the new episode of Season 9, I was heart broken when I heard them speak and that killed it for me. I know people get hired and fired, but the first eight seasons are the golden years of the tv series which is still going. It just doesn't feel the same and I can't bring myself to watch whatever or whereever Pokemon is now.

I know you're thinking I'm dumb for caring about this, but Pokemon can't recatch the spark it had when it started. Even though the tv series will keep going as long as people still watch it, FOR SHAME ON THOSE FOOLS!!!!!!!! For the podcast I mentioned, it is episode two of the AllTasteExplosion on Itunes, it's really good to listen to. No matter what the first eight seasons of the series are the best of Pokemon and nothing can change that!!!!

To Be Free

Hello this is my entry for the Bioshock Infinite Writing Contest and I hope you enjoy it :)


April 26, 1912

Dear Journal,

I know this may seem weird writing my feelings and frustrastion into a empty book, but you are the only one I can really talk to. I feel stuck, unable to experience the wonders the world has to offer. Through my window, I watch the people of this city, enjoying their daily routines and I envy them. I see children laughing and chasing each other without a care in the world, I wish I could have done that with children my age instead of being here with no one. Why was I raised in this tower? Where did my parents go? I can't even remember my parents no matter how much I try and I found it easier to stop tryng to remember them since they obviously didn't want me. More importantly why won't he let me leave this place?

As long I can remember, he has always been here to watch over me, take care of me even though though he never talks in words. He sings different songs in different tones as his way of communication and yet I understand what each one is. I remember the first time he sang to me and I didn't understand, looking at my right hand, this thimble is a reminder of my foolishness. Most of the time it isn't that bad, when he tucks me in and sings a soft melody to help me sleep, those are the times I feel peace and most of the lonliness seeps away for awhile. At least that's what I tell myself, but as time went on, I know this isn't how a girl is suppose to be raised, locked in a tower with no contact with the outside world except for the small birds that come to my small garden and I envy them for being able to fly where ever they want with no one's permission. If he really cared about me, he would let me leave this place, but instead of feeling warmth and comfort, I feel like I'm in a prison and unseen chains are keeping me here. The more time I spend here, the more the weight of these chains are draining my spirit.

Why do the people of Colombia fear me? I never did anything to them, I never asked for this life and yet I sometimes see my face on blimps. Some see me as some beacon of hope or a sign that everything is suppose to stay this way. There is nothing special about me, I want to live my life as a normal person and see what lies below the city for i know there is something out there waiting for me. Even if I try to escape, he would stop at nothing and spare no one to bring me back here, but I know trying to convince him to leave with me would be wasting tme and breath. There is a nursery rhyme the children say and it brings a deadly chill down my spine as I hear them say it.

" SongBird SongBird, Spirit in the Sky, SongBird SongBird, The last thing you see before you die."


The Next Xbox

Alright now that the PS4 has flooded the internet with it's announcement 3 days ago, I decided to share what I think the next Xbox will offer. First thing is a sensor that will warn you when someone whether family or friend will come to where you are playing and calculate how much time they will take away from your gaming before they enter the room. I think this will prevent more game over screens from happening due to being distracted. Next would be a holographic interfeace with the next Kinect being made. In Minority Report, they have the interface right in front of them and they can search alot easier which makes me hope the next Kinect has this to offer. I know the Xbox has a music player and I think it would be awesome to edit and pick your music and such this way.

The name is what has me worried as a gamer and a consumer since they already did the Xbox Elite. Not to mention an article from a Microsoft employee stating it won't be called the 720 I mean really. The only name I can think of is Xbox 2 or Xbox Pro, no no that won't work. Well whatever name they pick, I'm sure they took the time to do so. The size of the machiine is another thing, I mean can they make it smaller than it is now? I bet they will make look more like an X like the first Xbox did ecept they had the X imprint on the top of the console. An Xbox shaped like an x, sounds unique, but it probably won't be able to hold all that technology and it would make the price go up.

Pricing is the next thing since It's been a year for me having the slim Xbox and to be honest, I really don't feel like buying a new console since I haven't even decided on getting the Wii U. No doubt it will be in the 300-400 dollar range, but maybe they will have it at a lower price for once, who knows. What would be beneficial is a video game disc buffering machine to come along with the Xbox. Be honest, who hasn;t had to buy a used copy of a game and to find it has scrateches!! That really irks me as a gamer that other gamers don't take care of their games. Imagine being able to make a scuffed up game work like brand new when you plug in the machine and your Xbox tells you if it can be saved or not. It would save tme and money from buying the machine at Best Buy when it comes already with the console.

Alright this is what I would want with the next Xbox so it's from a consumer view and what I think what should be in it. Also I wonder how big will the hardrive be for this console? I knnow 350 is the biggest for the Xbox and it makes me wonder if they'll make a 450 gb hardrive. That would be helpful and it will make people buy more Xboxes, but hey I could be wrong. If you're going to leave a negative comment, then don't for I will keep blogging and those who leave negative comments are jerks!!

Valentine's or Videogames?

Hello everyone I just putting up a new blog since Valentine's day is tomorrow. For me personally, I never celebrated it since it's not really a holiday. Just a commercial one that sells more than the normal amount of candy, flowers and cards as gifts. I never had a Valentine and most of the time I got pity ones whch is sad by the way. Also I was suppose to be born on Valentine's Day, but I was two weeks late. The reason why I am putting this blog up is because I sent my hopeful Valentine to be a gift with a card expressing my feelings. It's a guy who works at the GameStop near my house and we've been talkng for a year now. I hope he returns my feelings and all the work I've done to get to know him better wasn't a waste of time. So to everyone else, Happy Valentine's Day!