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Backlog of games... serious backlogs...

How can I play all my games with so little time to do so?!!

One of the biggest downfalls of being MULTI-CONSOLE and PC owner is that you have a catalogue of games to play which requires time and effort and a learning curve also.

Must finish them all by the end of the Year.. Before more NEW games and Consoles come out.

Yup.. Next Gen is upon us. And how awesome does Unreal 4 and Final Fantasy engine look.

4 years since my last post...

...why? I blame the lack of blogging because of my university, my job, my errands and duties, my gf, my ex's, my committment to my friends and family, my hobbies and my leisure time and most of all... my backlog of games.

Steam Sales.. Can't hate but love them.

Whats new?

Indie games.. seriously.

They were all on miniclip and newsgrounds.. now theyre on my phone, consoles, on steam... and they come with a price tag!

I somewhat blame Nintendo for casualisation of the industry and forcing companies to make money, wherever possible, since theyve completely dominated the sales.

I'd like some freebies with the Wii:U please. A mario mascot perhaps? For some personal... plumbing pleasure with another.

Do love for video game characters and love making with your partner go together? ... Ive heard some fantasies spured up to life.. Forgot that question..

What I mean.. is.. well..

Cosplay girls... my god.

Will post something more interesting.. (Theres nothing really more interesting than cosplay girls, lets be honest)

Its good to play together.......

Nothing beats playing with friends or with your family together.. but depends on which game of course.

Take warhawk and halo for instance, 4 player split screen online..

me is driving
bro on gunner
friend 1 is passenger
friend 2 is the decoy guy flying over us as we take the flag.

To be honest, the best of gaming is with other people, single player is still good, but not as varied or as many experiences as with multiplayer.

Other games on top of my head that are fun are..
mario party series, micro machines, bomber man, battlefield 2, unreal 2004, little big planet and of course contra games.

Am sure theres many more, but you know what i mean.
I hope many publishers and developers include online, or multiplayer of some sort.

Am glad to play left for dead soon, i wonder if it will be scary..

It all started with a bang and a flash and me watching the fireworks fly..

Stardate, 13th november, year 2008, temperature conditions, cold...

I have stumbled upon a gaming website and found myself tramped and realising i actually do like playing games and talking about them.

Before i say anything, i hate to leave things unfinished. Like my midway run of resistance 1 and the half tub of icecream unfinished.

So do i continue with this blog, or back to gaming..

yeah your right, back to gaming it is.

*************end of log***********************************************