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 Do want [size=14]College[/size] Yes, somehow my university thought I was not worth kicking out, so I'm back in the academic drama. I decided to drop what I came to really hate in past recent years (mostly due to things happening in Korea), political science, or, anything related to politics in general. Also from my experience, every poli-sci tutorial session makes me feel like I'm in a goddamn OT bickering about politics with a goddamn showoff who has no idea what the f*ck he's talking about. Instead, I decided to do what I wanted to do when I first applied for colleges back in high school, and that's cinema studies. Yeah, I wanted to get into productions, but I have matured enough and come to appreciate the analytic side of the filmic industry, and so far, I am very satisfied. It looks like it's exactly what I was hoping for. Also, my TA looks like Tatiana Maslany which is an absolute plus. The history major side of things are, well, pretty much the same. I'm taking Caribbean Histories (lots of work, but so far so good), 19th Century Europe (with a really funny Greek professor) and History of Russia (also pretty awesome). I still haven't decided which field I am going to specialize in, and I have another course on gender and racial issues throughout the history so we shall see. So yeah, so far so good. Obviously, the "real" work for history students don't start till our first paper, but yeah, I'm feeling good so far. It's so much better than talking about Canadian History, for sure. [size=14]TV Shows[/size] Breaking Bad ended. And ended well. Sure, the last episode wasn't as good as Ozymandias, but really, in my opinion, the last three episode of season 5 should be consider one whole episode broken into 3, just like how Crawl Space and Face-Off was more like 2 hour finale they decided to cut in half. It may have been too clean, but once you get down with little bits of narrative symbolism, everything about Walt's life got some kind of satisfying closure, and that is something you don't see very often. I stopped watching Ray Donovan, The Bridge, and Low Winter Sun, mostly because I didn't feel like I was compelled enough to continue. I will continue, especially The Bridge, because it was pretty good from what I've seen, and LWS also was starting to get interesting after 3rd episode. Ray Donovan.... is inconsistent, to say the least. Homeland season 3 is on, and well, it's more Homeland. It would be interesting to see how they will damage-control the f*ck up at the end of season 2 (both literally and metaphorically), and the end of the season premier seemed like it's promising. But I'm indeed getting tired of seeing Carrie's exaggerated emotions. Downton Abbey also ended its last season with absolutely horrifying event, perhaps even more horrifying than Homeland, and the season premier got some of the things under control. Sure, I still feel a huge gaping hole whenever I watch it, but they are constantly introducing new conflicts and characters to keep the story going. And well.... it's more Downton abbey. What can I say. As long as Dowager Countess doesn't pass away, the show will have at least some virtues despite shortcomings. Haven't even started SHIELD yet. [size=14]Mass Effect 3[/size] I will probably do a formal restrospect review of this later down the road, but I now feel the game is actually pretty awesome. I actually don't mind the ending very much anymore, and the actual game is so damn entertaining, especially the multiplayer. MP got pretty much instant scrutiny and hatred solely because it was MP, but really, after all the free DLCs and patches, it's very good. It's Horde Mode, somewhat lighter version of it, but the variety and the fact ME3 combat is so unique in contemporary TPS genre really give it upped end. I like how it's almost like TF2 where some classes are meant for support roles, and how it's essential to cooperate, and encourages people to do so without forcing them to. This is how a co-op game should be done. So if anyone want to play it on PC with me, add me on Origin (funsohng).

Summer Haul #2: THE STORM

 Dishonored (+ The Knife of Dunwall DLC) - Was cheap, and was on my wishlist. F1 2012 - I was going to get 2011, but the flash sale I got it on only made 2012 75%, making it actually cheaper than 2011. Dirt 3 - Was on my wishlist as well. Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes - How can I say no to a Civ with dragons and magic. Fallout: New Vegas (+ Old World Blues DLC) - Walt was going to rip my head off if I didn't get this. Max Payne 3 - Was on my wishlist Sleeping Dogs - Very cheap and was on my wishlist Thomas Was Alone - Total Biscuit convinced me with his "hidden sales" video The Walking Dead - I needed to see just what all the fuss was about XCOM: Enemy Unknown - I actually wanted this for a long time Cthulhu Saves the World - Total Biscuit convinced me with his "hidden sales" video Breath of Death VII - Was bundled with Cthulhu anyway Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - I always wanted to play CS, and this seemed like the least frustrating way to do so. On my profile, it says I have 155 games, but for some reason on my library it only shows as 152.

I must be crazy

 Got all these in just over two months or so. And I have 3 more kits ready to be assembled, and they are big ones. This is what happens if you stop someone like me from playing games. ...... though technically, those kits are pretty cheap compared to games

Summer Haul #1: Calm before the Storm ( + @)

GOG sale came and gone, and here are what I got from it: Torchlight (GOG) - Was free for the first day of the sales. Already have and played the heck out of it on Steam, but hey, what do I have to lose? Alan Wake (GOG) - Already had American Nightmare from long time ago, and I was waiting for a GOG sale on the original Alan Wake (to complete the set), and now I got it. King of Dragon Pass (GOG) - I don't know. I have no idea why I got this one. But somehow, I wanted to get this so much. We will see if I have made a right decision or not. System Shock 2 (GOG) - Got this to avoid Arach from nagging me in future. Stronghold Crusader HD (GOG) - I like castle building. I like Crusades era history. I'm not sure about RTSs, but I do like when they are fun to play in single player. Hopefully this is something I find good. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete Edition (GOG) - Time to finally find out just what the f*ck is up with this bad boy. FTL (humble bundle + Steam key) - Had to get it. $2.50. Pretty rad. I'm not sure whether I will like it though. Dust: An Elysian Tale (Steam) - Apparently, it's a metroidvania with awesome combat. F*ck yeah, I need this.

About E3

Final Fantasy 15(or versus 13): Emo weaboo God of War is not what I was waiting for 8 years. Destiny: Haven't watched a footage of it. MGS5: Haven't watched a footage of it, though i have to say, I want Hayter back. Pokemon X/Y: OMGYES I CAN FINALLY PET EEVEE Super Smash Bros: Pretty awesome. I think I'm gonna love using Wii Fit Girl. Titanfall: Looks interesting Project X: I came, I saw, I came The Order: Looks interesting Dead Rising 3: Looks sh*t Ryse: Woot! Heavy Rain in Roman era! You know what Romans call something like this? They call it Merda. Kingdom Hearts 3: Haven't seen a footage of it, and I doubt I will any time soon. The Witcher 3: It's the Witcher. Of course it looks f*cking amazing. The Last Guardian NOT being in E3: lol XBOX ONE: Sh*t PSN going XBOX Live: Sony can't even make a decent multiplayer game anyway lol Bayonetta getting a haircut: *fapping*  she can femdom me all she wants.

Game of Thrones + Mad Men + and some anime (I KID YOU NOT)

Here's a roundup about what I have been watching lately.  Game of Thrones S3E9 Good shit. Can't wait for the TV series to have Wyman Manderly and Stannis back in his awesome Mannis form. I loved how they pretty much restrained any form of melodramatic drama with the whole scene. No slow-mo tears, no loud sympathetic music, just brutal from start to the end. And the scene wasn't even long. Absolutely brilliant. Just like how want GoT to be. Also, to those of you who hasn't seen it yet, TLOU review ver. Red Wedding (GoT S3E9 spoilers) [spoiler]  [/spoiler]  Mad Men Season 1 Now that I have finished season 1, I can safely say that AMC is still going to have a terrific show even after Breaking Bad's finale. The show is very much subtle, yet the drama is intense and the characters are more and more engrossing. Season 1 ended with a bang, but not too much bang, and while I would very much like to see what happens next, it doesn't shove "OMG LOOK YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NOW DONT YOU?!!!!" in my face (ie. Homeland season 2), and I very much appreciate that. In a way this show reminds me of The Americans (should be the other way around for most people): it's subtle, but the drama and tension builds up slowly, expertly, and brilliantly to end with a great finale. Also the ending credit themes. Amazing. The only TV show that I actually don't skip the credit rolls at the end. *btw, the pic is Peggy Olson, if anyone's wondering who that is.  Legal High Episode 5 I think I'm beginning to really like this show. It isn't perfect, yeah, but it's definitely not ordinary. The humour is pretty funny (though it may be a bit too Japanese for many of you), but its true strength comes from how it looks at the court drama. This show almost never cares about the "truth" that so many court dramas seem to have an obsession with. Instead, what it focuses on is "winning". It's perspective on justice is rather cynical, but at the same time, strikingly real: that there is just no way for a lawyer to ever know "truth" or "justice" about a case when so many perspectives can be applied to a single case. Instead of using your wits to find the truth with elaborate tricks, the main character only uses his wits to win a case. And the cases themselves are very far from ordinary court drama cases. In fact, there has been one murder case out of 6 I have seen so far. The cases are: a murder case, a copyright case, a reparation case, a building contract case, a stalker case, and a political corruption case (with the next episode being a divorce case). And in many cases, the lines of truth blur, or the show doesn't even focus on the truth to begin with. Now that is surprisingly realistic. And that realism strangely synergizes with seemingly unrealistic characters, making sure that it never goes too serious. Also, I very much like the fact how it doesn't fall into the usual trappings of East Asian dramas: it doesn't have any romance, despite what the poster suggests. No unnecessary romantic pursuits interfere with the story so far, in fact the female lead almost hates the male lead. Now, it may change as the show goes on, but so far it doesn't even try to do anything remotely close to romance. Apparently the last episode is a bit controversial, but so far, I appreciate how it makes me think after each episode, despite it being a light comedy drama on the glance.  Evangelion 3.0 Q It's great. I just don't know what the fvck is going on, that's all.  Maria-sama ga miteru Probably my favourite novel series from Japan. Anime is not bad. It's nothing special, but the base story is good enough for me to like it. Those of you who don't know, it's a shoujo light novel about platonic drama in a girls-only school. It's technically considered yuri(lesbian romance anime/manga/novel), but there is nothing sexual about it whatsoever. You can hardly call it "romance" too. It's more of sister kind of relationship. I'm not sure if I would recommend it to anyone who isn't familiar with shoujo stuff.

Felt like I needed a Blog

Breaking Bad - is a great show. No, it's not a great show, it's an amazing show. Wait, cross that, it's a f*cking brilliant piece of visual entertainment. As good as the Wire. In other words, as good as a TV show can get. Gundams - shitty anime, but pretty fun to build models. And the robots look fantastic. Goddammit, Games Workshop, y u no make your models like gundams. Also, the company I work for sells Gunplas over eBay, so if you guys are interested, contact. Might give you a sweet deal. Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 - Nabbed the complete bundle for 11 bucks on sale yesterday, and it's actually pretty good. Perfect for a novice TCG players like me. Soul Sacrifice - Need to play moar Spartacus Gods of the Arena (the prequel) - I seriously f*cking hope the later seasons don't use that stupid, immersion-breaking, cringe-worthy Shakespearean bullshit in their dialogues. But I highly doubt it. Alain Vigneault Fired - good. Persona 3 Portable - slowly progressing. Iron Man 3 - Better than I expected. But then again, my expectations were super low. XBOX ONE - I don't discuss on things that are insignificant and stupid at the same time.  dat ass

Movies I want for 2013

Stoker  - The Hollywood debut project for the director of ever-praised Oldboy, Park Chan Wook directs supposedly one of the most praised unproduced script of 2010. Chronicling a teenage girl, India (played by Mia Wasikowska), who is spiraling down the unsettling realities and family issues with the arrival of his uncle to her house after her father's death, this film is looking like it's probably going to be a classic Oscar-bait. It is also looking like it will be absolutely thrilling to watch, just like Park's previous works such as Oldboy, Lady Vengeance, and Joint Security Area. Sadly, this isn't a film about vampires, but you can experience the director's take on that genre in Thirst. Snowpiercer  - Another Korean director's Hollywood Debut, this time the director of what I think is the best crime drama of 21st century, Memories of Murder, and also the best monster movie of 21st century, the Host, Bong Joon Ho seeks to prove his ingenuity in the land of dreams with a quite dreamless movie. Set in the near future where the earth has entered the ice age and only people that have survived the catastrophe are sheltered in an always-moving train, the film will surely be an interest to many fans of apocalyptic world, and is likely to grasp them with Bong's unparalleled attention-to-detail directing methods. This film, based on the French comic of the same name (or it is when translated to English), is featuring an all-star cast with Chris Evans (Captain America), Song Kang Ho (Memories of Murder, The Host), Ed Harris, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt etc. The Last Stand  - The last of Korean trio who are debuting in Hollywood this year, The Last Stand a pure-action focused popcorn movie featuring none other than the Governator himself. Directed by Kim Ji Woon, the director of A Bittersweet Life, The Good The Bad and The Weird, A Tale of Two Sisters, and last but not least, I Saw the Devil, it follows the old US sheriff taking his last stand against fleeing Mexican cartel with FBI agents on their tail. It is corny, it's cheesy, it is 80's and it looks hella fun. It is also the motion picture event signalling the return of Arnie back as the main gunner, and with Kim Ji Woon's, quite frankly, unmatched action cinematography and choreography (just watch The Good, The Bad, and The Weird and A Bittersweet Life), this movie is sure to please lots of people. Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug  - The second chapter of the Hobbit trilogy will focus on the fall of Dol Guldur, the refuge place of Dark Lord Sauron and the fortress of the Witchking of Angmar. It will also likely to see the Bilbo's encounter of the titular Smaug as well. I have not watched the Unexpected Journey yet, but seeing how it is Peter Jackson, and seeing how Hobbit actually gets more epic around the half way point, I have no doubt this will deliver, setting up a nice closure in the inevitable Battle of Five Armies. And I always liked the Dol Guldur stories and Moria stories in appendixes. Kick-ass 2  - Matthew Vaughn's acclaimed satirical hero movie Kick-ass is getting a sequel, and this time the stakes are higher. Jim carrey leads the cast into battle against Red Mist (reborn as the Mother Fvcker), while Chloe Moretz deals with the terrifying horror that is high school. It still remains to be seen whether the change of director will result in a favourable outcome, but it still is Kick-ass as we remember it, it seems, and well, it looks Kick-ass. My only gripe would be that Chloe Moretz got taller. The Great Gatsby  - A sure Oscar-bait based on the classic inter-war era novel of same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby is yet another quest for Leonardo DiCaprio to find himself in the Oscar nominees selection. Let us hope that this is the one that wins him that Oscar he has deserved so many times before. Also featuring the adorable Cary Mulligan (Shame, An Education, and Drive) as Daisy, one can only hope that this is the film that finally does the justice to its classic source material. At the very list, it looks like it will be a fine feast for your eyes with very authentic portrayal of lavish 20's America. Red 2  - I really liked Red. It wasn't just because half of it was shot in Toronto, but the whole premise was interesting. The way I see it, it is like Expendables, but infinitely better in every fvcking way. It was genuinely funny, well-acted, had amicable characters, and overall, Helen Mirren shooting big guns. Can you think of any 60-year-old atress that looks this awesome while shooting guns. No, you can't, because there isn't any. That is why Red is awesome, and that is also the reason why Red 2 will be, inevitably, awesome. The film also features my person favourite, Byung-Hun Lee (A Bittersweet Life, I Saw the Devil, The Good The Bad The Weird). It is about time he gets a proper role in Hollywood movie; he was the only good part in G. I. Joe, but still, it's G. I. Joe. This guy needs a better recognition, and here is hoping that Red 2 will provide that. Oldboy  - The remake of perhaps the best Korean film ever made, this thriller sets an average man, kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, to find his captors and his intentions in five days, only to be imprisoned again if fails. Directed by Spike Lee (Inside Man, Malcolm X), it seems it will follow the story of its original 2003 film of same name, but it is not clear whether the ending, which is considered arguably the best twist ever to be presented on screen, will remain the same. However, it is Oldboy, and I myself quite liked Spike Lee with his Malcolm X and Inside Man, so I remain optimistic. Sadly, I don't think it will have the octopus scene. Pacific Rim  - Giant aliens. Giant Robots. Giant robots fighting giant aliens. Guillermo Del Toro. Guillermo fvcking Del Toro. B-movie vibe. I want this movie yesterday. Monsters University  - A Pixar movie. Enough said. I actually watched Brave again yesterday, this time, more properly. And it wasn't as bad as I thought it was at first. In fact, I liked it more than Cars! And Bugs Life! It was quite frankly, great! My faith has been restored. The Counselor  - Undoubtedly low on pretty much everyone's radar, this new Brad Pitt movie will be directed by none other than Ridcley Scott (Blade Runner, American Gangster, Gladiator), and will be written by perhaps the best contemporary American writer, Cormac McCarthy (the author of The Road, No Country for Old Men). The movie is also an all-star cast, starting with Brad Pitt, Michael Fassebender (Shame, X-Men First Class), Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men, Skyfall), Cameron Diaz, and Penelope Cruz. The movie follows a Southern lawyer slowly spiraling down the life as he finds himself involved in a drug trafficking, and knowing Ridley Scott's previous work on American Gangster, no doubt this will be an amazing film. The Berlin File  - A Korean espionage film directed by Ryoo Seung-Wan, the film follows a North Korean spy (Ha Jung-Woo, Chaser) and his wife (Gianna Jun, My Sassy Girl, The Thieves) in Berlin being hunted by both a South Korean spy and a North Korean assassin. This seems to be the first proper Korean blockbuster of 2013, and everything from the cast to the director seems reasonable. Its premise seems a bit too much been-there-done-that, but at the very least, it should be better than that dreadful Tower, which is nothing more than a blatant rip-off of 1974's Towering Inferno.