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Free to Smite Play

I play most genres of game. I enjoy myself a good survival horror or a satisfying puzzle with some First-Person Shooter followed by some whatever tickles my fancy. The point is I love games. Most genres I'll try. Sometimes I'll find an addicting game by random chance purely on a recomendation from a friend. Which I did about a month or so ago. Smite. Heard of it? It's a MOBA but it has a mostly 3rd person view so your really controlling your charactes as opposed to being just above and clicking a spot your right in on the action with your WASD. Oh yeah. And it is free to play. You can try out any God in first person practice mode and they have a rotating shift of free Gods. Along with a system called favor so you can rent and buy Gods based on a system of how much you play, which actually doesn't have to be an excessive amount to just rent a god each game is only 150 favor. It's how I started. But after playing the game awhile I purchased the 'god pack' for $30 which gives you access to all current and future gods. I believe it is money well spent and a way to support the game creators if you can. For those that can't the favor system lets you earn gods over time and skins for them too.


Smite has multiple casual and competetive modes. But with competetive you must reach level 30 on your account. This may take awhile,(I'm not there yet) but once you make it a whole new crowd to try the skills against.

I know I sound like a pure advertisement but it really is a great game. There is high support and involvment within the community working to make the game the best it can be. And for a free to play it looks pretty damn sexy. Also they have almost 24-7 live twitch streams running with people playing the game so you can check it out chat with some of the other players etc. There's a link in the link below to the games main page and the stream runs on the right or go to,





Smite Twitch Stream to watch.


It runs through it's own client and HiRez if you recognize the name from a few other games. I haven't played them but you might.

You'll find me on there at the same name as here. As far as I can tell you cannot link it through Steam or any other launcher so it has it's own friends system. funkadelichika is there of course.


In other random blogness I have added to my tattoo collection.

My left arm shall be gaming dedicated.

Cheers to any and all who pass this blog by.


ZOMG Will this dissapear? Who knows! :O

Sometimes games pull us away from all the daily life bull we wish never existed. From ignoring our feelings about our work lives to trying to escape from our home lives games can help. We also play games to bring people together. From far distances people play games together, and then there are those LAN parties with a bunch of your buddies...

Games something I have been into for maybe 6 or so years now relatively heavily have started to be an escape less and less. I'v spent most of my life struggling. And quite honestly a lot of people cannot imagine even a quarter of what I have been through and continue to go through. From home issues to mental issues to everything in between chances are iv been through such a wide variety in my life it staggers most peoples perception of me. When they find out they really don't know sometimes if I am even telling the truth.

As much as I love games I simply have too many issues to many things I am going through to see them as an escape anymore. I need much more to escape now...It's been far beyond just games for a long time.

How does one get back to that joy of gaming?

I dunno I don't know but I'd like to....

How do I get back to what it use to be?

Better yet how do I get back to being a person who actually believed I was able to get somewhere?

My thoughts quite often I am ashamed of. I see people who would be horrified if they knew what I was thinking 50% of the time. Is this something more people than just me perhaps go through? And believe me this isen't even close to any of the thoughts I am talking about. I really woulden't post that. I think I have learned by now hiding who I am is generally a better thing despite what people say. Never put something out there people whoever can use against you! Paranoid? Perhaps.

We as a society I don't know.... look at us full of people who do only ONLY when it benefits them. We all do it. And to say otherwise well I'm pretty sure most people unless they are mother theresa aren't innocent here.

Back to games... ehh what are they anymore?

For anyone who might be all like ZOMG who is that again... I am now on pretty much every gaming dealie so add me funkadelichika. PS3 I have now and can be seen on the occassion enjoying games of Tekken 6, Call of Duty Black ops etc. Steam still the same, onlive as well, xfire, raptr...anywhere you can add someone I probably am.

Cheers! And perhaps see you around a game sometime if anyone is still here that may not be all WTF by that post.

Happy living!

Cheers for...well a long time.

Hello hello again

Hello to any and all. I don't blog here anymore and am rarely active except for at DanC1989 gaming arcade board...the rusty hinge on the occassion etc.

I do however blog over here I urge you all to check the site out. While it is a little rough on the edges and not as big as GS it's worth just taking a look.

funk out.

Join me on Steam!

Ok so I have kept on deleting my blogs I know...but here is one that'll stay up for a bit so anyone who has steam can add me and if ya have the games I do play together.:) Same name on steam as is here. Edit: so anywho I got Guild Wars Trilogy and Team Fortress two to play against or with peeps. Not that anyone will. Usually they dont. WAAAAH. I bought the orange box and the guild wars trilogy. Oh and I noticed that mirrors edge also has some online content for the pc so if ya have that let me know.