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I am more than fine with it. I think its great for a first game. Theres always DLC or better yet a sequel. People are never pleased.


Exactly, People just love to complain! Nobody seems to understand that getting characters for this game isn't as simple as just walking up to the IP holders and asking nicely if they can use their characters! Idiots...

No way, if crash and spyro were in the game I'm pretty sure a lot of people who are complaining would be 100% content. I'm a poor college student and can only buy 1-2 games a year so adding those classic characters from my childhood would definately get me to buy the game. For now I'll just play my friends copy when I get the chance :P

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bethesda is awesome. They've given me so many unique worlds to just get lost in, that even a bunch of bugs don't nearly ruin them for me. Don't worry just as youre boycotting it I will go on and buy every bethesda game and dlc here and there to support them, because despite some major annoyances when it comes to glitches, I've never felt like I've ever wasted a penny on any of their games or dlc ^_^

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IMO sony won by far. I was much more impressed with the games they showed. Natal with that creepy AI was kinda impressive but like others have said to progam games with natal would be extremely hard. The sony motions sensing looks to be a much more solid version of the wii mote and it looks like a lot of fun. Nintendo did have some great games announced but nothing nearly as impressive as sony and even ms. Modnation racers, AC2, GOW3, and on psp:lbp, mgs, assassins creed etc. Plus uncharted 2 is gunna be sick!