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Best Movie of 2009

2009 is now offically over!The year seemed to go by fairly fast, but it was a good year with lots of fun. Anyways, I thought id make a blog about my favorite movie of the year. I see like 2 movies a month at the theatres so I do see a lot of movies, most are boring but there are the great movies that leave you thinking "damn, that was good."

Well first off, I just want to get across what i thought was the worst movie of the year. Its not a hard choice at all, its Death Warrior. it was marketed as a MMA movie and it turns out to be horrible street fighting, featuring some horrible acting, bad english and more sex then fighting(which isnt a problem:P lol) If i had to choose between watching Death Warrior again or being thrown into shark infested waters for a hour...id choose the sharks. It is really that bad. Horrible horrible movie. It uses the same graphic for every fight, it even goes as far as having a ninja fight scene...*facepalm* worst movie of 2009 and worst movie ive ever seen besides in the bedroom. Im hereby saving Miss March. Movietome reported that as the worst movie of 2009 but no! that movie is hilarious and worth a watch unless you take life way too seriously.

Now honestly, I cant write about every movie I saw so Im just gonna list the top contenders for what I though was movie of the year.

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Brothers
  • James Camerons Avatar
  • The Hangover
  • District 9
  • 2012
  • Paranormal Activity(because the buzz it produced)
  • The Blindside
  • Public Enemies

There you have it, my top movies of 2009. Now to choose the best one. First to eliminate a few. Paranormal activity was a good movie, however the commercial made it seem like it was super scary when in actuality I never even jumped once. I loved the movie yes but it didnt scare me, I just thought it was interesting and a cool movie(while i thought it was real). THe blindside is just another run of the mill sports movie, a very good one but you cant do much with that movie, its just another sports flick that makes chicks feel good about sports. 2012-great movie, way to long but i enjoyed it very much. Its more of a nostalgia factor though, had i known nothing about that mayan calendar stuff, i never wouldve even seen it so its not really fair haha. The hangover was hilarious and it really kept me guessing but i laughed way more at observe and report and role models, its a comedy that actually makes a good movie. Unfortunately imma seth rogen fan and id rather get cheap laughs then a great movie, Hangover was still excellent though. Public enemies was good, better then most movies but its just meh for me lol.

So that leaves Sherlock Holmes, Brothers, James Camerons Avatar and District 9.

All these movies are extremely good and i reccomend you see them if you havent. Brothers was awesome and natalie portman is extremely hot but I thinki like this movie a lot more cause it deals with military stuff and i have a military background so boom its done. Sherlock Holmes was awesome! hilarious and had action. and not ONCE did i think that what happened would have happened. It excels in twists. But still great movie but not holy crap amazing movie. I couldnt understand wth they were saying half the time so it took away from it. District 9, i cant explain. it was epic and amazing. nuff said. They left it so there could be a second one and really no flaws in the movie, just a great movie.

Nothing against District 9but i just like James CameronsAvatar more.

2009 Movie of the Year: Jame's Camerons Avatar!

UFC Corrupt?

The only mainstream, huge mixed martial arts corporation has now become corrupt. It became clear tonight at UFC 104 when the undefeated champion took on the former "best P4P" fighter on the planet.

Lyoto Machida vs. Shogun Rua

I really dont want to say much other then, Shogun won the fight and the judges said he didnt. Shogun won 4 out of 5 rounds(maybe 3 out of 5) and the judges saw differently.

UFC cant let their amaziing, best fighter ever champion lose his first tilte defense can they? Its cheap, its bull and unless UFC makes some kind of statement they will lose any business from myself and the dudes i watch with(like 6) its not much but other fans noticed this. UFC is gonna protect their fighters now? whats the point of fighting then?

Endless setlist 2...

Its that time of year again. Tomorrow marks the start of my junior year in high school :)

So the past week has been nothing but partying and having the most possible fun i could have before school starts. Me and some of the guys went paintballing, we went to wal-mart and pranked everybody. Then wed meet up at parties and hang out(I dont drink or smoke so never got hammered or anything). Hell we even went shopping together which is definitely not the norm for us. So yesterday, I was getting ready to go out but nothing was going on except some dumb car show so i stayed home. I thought to myself what can i do now that I cant do once school starts and then it hit me...


So I ran a few practice songs by, I sung like smooth criminal and Shacklers revenge and Best day evr by spongebob and i got started. I wrote down that I started at 10:28 and I just played and sung and it kept going forever. Well not much to say but I did it with no problems really. I almost failed on Cool for cats though...and i was one messy note away from failing the trees haha.(that song has to weirdest lyrics, something about trees being opressed) All said and done i finished at 4:53 in the morning. and by luck I got the bladder of steel award :D

Talk to me about school! lol

Microsoft E3 2009

The leading brand in all things video games had there press conference today. I'd be lieing if I said im not pleased. However to me what seems like the project that was the "big deal" for them was nothing special, so yes it is upsetting. You could call me a xbox fanboy if you want, but this is just really upsetting.

I did not catch the whole press conference. I started on Modern Warfare 2, which looked amazing. It seems as if civillians will be on the battlefield this time and everyone knows about the snowmobile. A lot of ice climbing though. Anyways Modern Warfare 2 looked like it will be just as good as call of duty 4.

Then out of no where, an epic reveal trailer came up. It looked like zombies in a hotel so everyone was thinking Dead Rising 2 and then when we heard chainsaws, we knew it was Dead Rising 2. Until i saw the tank sprinting ahead. Left 4 dead 2 and all i can say is wow about that one.

There was a epic games segment but it was nothing great, just a arcade game, seems fun though.

Then Forza Motorsport 3, but im not a racing fan so again no big deal.

Somewhere around this time, Bungie begins the presentation and its ODST. It looked solid, i mean its Halo. The game might play in flashbacks i wasnt completely sure. Then they showed a super secret trailer. It was almost like a decaying earth and then it said Halo: Reach. I had no idea what that meantso I asked a friend and he said that is a tie in with the movie thats in development apparently. Im still clueless if thats true though.

The weakest part of the night for me wasthe social networking stuff. I know it would be nice to do all that on my xbox but i get on xbox when i want to play games, not message on facebook or twitter. The netflix stuff was something everyone saw coming. The music sharing will be sweet and its free so its worth a try.

Then the highlight of the night. The dude who made Metal Gear Solid walked out like a ninja. Now me and my friend were going crazy, acting a fool. But the crowd was completely lifeless. You could tell these guys didnt know who he was or they hated him for making the only game thats good on the PS3.Metal Gear Solid, Lighning Bolt or something. There was no gameplay but it still amazed me and i cant wait for this one

Then the thing we all been waiting for, the new controller. Project Natal. You are the controller. Basically, its motion capture on 360 and your character does what you do, yay! I was excited but then the demos that they showed for this technology looked almost exactly like a wii game. Your character was slightly transparent and you were doing something lame like painting or kick ball/hand ball combination. Im not impressed. If Natal will work on shooters, it could turn out to be great but if all were getting is minigames like wiiPlay then its just another rip-off. i mean Microsoft already stole Miis from Wii and guess what this project Natal has alot of things to do with your avatar. since it mimics your actions. Im not impressed by it at all, i wouldnt play either of the games that were showed. Then they showed Milo who is a boy who can read your emotion through the motion capture and i have to say that was amazing but something tells me that wasnt legit. What they wanted to make people drop there mouths in awe turned out to be some thing not so cool to me and i hope they do it right.

And for Christ sake, please get better actors for your videos next time Microsoft!

In the end, it was a good conference. I dont think Sony or Wii can do better to be honest. Well see tomorrow.