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My Top 10 F*cking Creepy Games

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Well, Gamespot released it's little list of creep games that got everyone hopping mad with missed games and the lack of their personal favorites at the top. I shared in that a bit, but figured, I'm gonna post my own list. So, without further ado.

10 - Resident Evil
Honestly never played more than 10 minutes of this Playstation trademark horror, but the dogs smashing the windows and the rather disturbing cut scene of trying to leave the mansion through the front door disturbed me into never playing it again at the age of 13.

9 - The Elder Scrolls 2 - Daggerfall
I had a demo of this game since I was 10 and the dar, monster groan echoing tunnels of the dungeons and the isolated wastes of 'beyond the city walls' was enough to make me take on the task of thievery within the first town and nothing more.

8 - Serious Sam
I know it wasn't designed to really be a horror FPS, but the dark temples combined with those sinister galloping skeletons didn't inspire bravery in me. I'd take the battle at the two lesser pyramids on hard any day over those underground levels.

7 - American McGee's Alice
A twist on a fairy tale I never expected. Never played it til last year, and I have to say, that was demented enough to go straight into my imagination and weird me out. I'd say Marge the Hare and Door Mouse were about the worst of what I'd seen in the game... That and the children....

6 - Sanitarium
The spookiness of this game wore off a bit toward the end of the 2nd dream, but it was enough to set the twisted stage. From the floating corpses in the flood water around the Circus of Fools to the grossly deformed children under 'Mother's' influence, this game will tie into your mind and try to pull a little of that insanity out into the open.

5 - Resident Evil 4
This game had most of the spooky air of it's predecessors, but seemed to have more action to it. However, that did not take away from the eeriness of the first stormy night in that village or the inexplicable tension of sneaking around the blind, bladed knuckles giants as they turned this way and that, listening for you. All in all? I really should have turned on some lights before it got dark that first night...

4 - Dead Space
Just picked this game up a couple days ago and am really havin trouble getting very far. Living alone in the middle of nowhere really makes games of this caliber of creepiness a hard task. I'd have to say that the whisperings in the quiet of an empty room are enough to put me over the edge.

3 - Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
It has a sanity meter! Need I say more? (I'm gonna anyway) This game messes with your head WAY too much to be legal! Not just ingame hallucinations and imaginary events, but simulated television and game malfunctions make you wonder just how alone you actually are in your darkened bedroom.

2 - Doom 3
Good god, the instant scares this game delivers are enough to drain the blood from your limbs and make your heart skip more than just one beat. The dark and desolate atmosphere of a Mars research facility is punctuated violently by vicious and light speed demon attacks from behind closed doors and maintenance shafts. You haven't played this? You call yourself a gamer?!

1 - Penumbra Series
A completely accidental find that appealed both to my self destructive desire to be terrified and my empty little wallet. Little did I know that behind those less than state of the art graphics lay the most terrifying game I've ever played. Never in my life have I really wished a game had a 'turn back and let me die in the cold rather than down here' button. I literally hid in a storage crate in one of the more 'watched' storage rooms and considered never leaving. This game truly sets the bar for horror games.

Coming Back?

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Should I?

Heh, lately, alot of stories have been running through my mind. One of em happens to be Richard Walski's. I'm pushin to get a good plot out of the rest of the current book, but it will take some time.

Down and Out

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Alright, I haven't posted here in a while, but with Fallout 3 on the way, I'm watching this place pretty close-like.

Truth be told, the story and almost every other project I've been working on is on hold due to some... issues I've been having. It's a tough life and it's liable to catch up to you, no matter how democratic and lenient your country may be.

I hope to clear all of this up soon before fall, and put my mind back into creative mode. Hell, might even do a revisal of the Richard Walski story (truth be told, I'm sick of the layout and I wasn't that great of a writer only a year and a half ago).

So, for anyone that keeps track of this, I'll be back someday.

Forcing Change

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Well, it's a new year, and I'm putting a resolution into play. Heh, my biggest downfall is games and MSN on my computer, so I'm making requirements before I screw around.

Richard Walski's story makes it onto that list, and I've finally gotten to it. I hope everyone enjoys.

Back in Action!

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Looks like I'm gonna keep hard at this Book of Richard Walski to the always bittersweet ending. This is gonna be a good week for it too.

It's been a good week past as well. Stuff is happening, life is moving, I'm feeling f*cking great this morning (even though I have to go to work), and life is just good right now. Heh.

So, expect more Richard Walski. Anyone outside the Fallout Union that reads this, go there, throw in your two cents. The Union is comin back from the dead, and we've got to be ready for Fallout 3 when she comes!

Catch you all later, and keep posting!

Slackin, but For Good Reason!

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Heh, yeah, the Richard Walski story is sort of on hold for a while. Once again, school work is pilin up, but heh, I've got more reasons that.

Anyhow, it'll probably be a while before the story starts up again... hope the Fallout Union stays alive for that long... hehe.

I'm STILL Tired!

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Wow, after what seems like months, I finally got another chapter of Richard Walski done. That was NOT easy!

Well, anyway, expect more to come!

Holy Writer's Block, Batman!

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Heh, for any of you that read the story, I'm hitting some majorly rough ground on the story here. I'm trying to work through it, but the lines just aren't coming to me as smooth as they did in the other chapters. Probably cuz this is gonna be a slower book than the rest. Heh, trust me, in book 5, it should fly!

New Place, New Chase

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Well, moved out again and on my own. Changing my subject of studies and startin a new job.

Heh, well, my new job is in the electronics and photo department of a Real Canadian Superstore (most Canadians should, at one time or another, have seen one of these). Anyhow, my first day of work was yesterday, and, as a display of my willpower, I got off my shift and bought a game.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is the new addition to my collection. Since I only have a Gamecube where I'm at for now, my selection is somewhat limited. Heh, Superstore hasn't been known for stocking many games for cheap.

Anyhow, I'll get back to you on how it is.

Generals, It's Time to Split!

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Hehe, picked up a couple games on my last visit to a Future Shop. Command & Conquer: Generals and Time Splitters: Future Perfect for GC.

Generals isn't too bad, but the true fun lies in Time Splitters. Easily one of my favorite console shooters. I suggest it to all!