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The 4th Of July

by on
I Went To The Movies.
I Went To Watch X-men - The Last Stand
But After The Movie, When We Was Going Home.
We Saw An Old Friend, We Talked For A Little Bit.
But When We Left ,I Bombed The Sh*t Out Of His Car With Fireworks.LOL

Hours Before The 4th Of July

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My Friends went to Altantic City Right.
But Five Was Left behind.
It Was Me And Four Others.
We Decided To Go There.
When We Was Almost There, We Got A Call Talking They Got In A Fight.
So We Thought Ok We'll Be There.
We Thought Us Five Was Going To Chill There.
When We Got There, We Had To Leave Because They Was Going To Leave.
Then They Told Us The What Happen.
But That Is A Different Story All Together.
Maybe For My Next Blog..................Maybe

Tony Hawk's Project 8

by on
Yo I Saw The Preview for project 8.
The Game Looks Crazy!!!!!
What Do You Guys Think About It?

If You Guys Want To See It Go To

Your See The Game On The Right!!