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I'm getting quite the collection!

Yes indeed I am getting quite a good collection of consoles, my current console count isfourteen, from 1986 to present my aim is to get a collection of every gaming console that has been released in the UK and I may be stretch and try to get my hands on a Famicom! Why? Well for some time now I've been wanting to build a collection of consoles from the over the years, don't know why but I just always wanted to.

So here's my list of consoles with years. (as funny as it may seem, I have more Nintendo consoles and hand helds and I'm not that big of a fan! Well not of their work since the GameCube)

Nintendo Entertainment System (1986) [I bought this at a car boot sale in January]

Nintendo Game Boy (1990) [This was won in a competition when I was a wee baby!]

Sega GameGear (1991) [We had a GameGear when it came out but sold it, now we have a faulty console that used to work]

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1992) [My mum bought me this today =) thanks mum]

Sony PlayStation (1995) [I originally was bought a PSX for Christmas in 1996, I sold it when I got the PS2 and I only recently bought another off eBay only last week]

Nintendo Game Boy Colour [Pikachu and Pichu Edition] (1999) [I can't remember when I bought this, I know I got it from Woolworths with the Pokemon Cystal game]

Sony PSone (2000) [I also own the official Sony PSone attachable screen]

Sony PlayStation 2 (2000) [This was bought for me by a friend, I know, one hell of a present]

Nintendo GameCube (2002) [My GameCube was donated to me by a good friend]

Sony PlayStation Portable (2005) [I spent ages saving up for this!]

Microsoft Xbox360 (2005) [I am currently on my second Xbox360 console and I plan to buy a Slim next year]

Nintendo Wii (2006) [This was actually given to me by my Grandmother who decided I would use it more so i could have it]

Sony PlayStation3 Slim (2009) [This was as Christmas present]

Nintendo DSi (2009) [Purchased in 2011 as part of the Pokemon Black and White bundle with Limited Edition Zekrom vs Reshiram graphic]

So there is the low down on my consoles =P Abit of random information but ohwell.


Hello Gamespot!

Today I am going to polute your brains with some updates. First of all being the Nintendo 3DS, I tried it the other day and I must say I really don't like it, It gave me a head ache, made me feel slightly disorientated and after I stopped playing around with it it made me feel cross eyed! I felt strange for quite some time and I don't think I will be getting it any time soon.

The second thing I wanted to mumble about is laptops. last week some time I opened up my laptop to write my blog and the screen broke off, Left it hangin' there with only one hinge! I've had it connected to my 42" TV ever since which to some would be great, I thought it was great, for about three days. I decided I'd had enough last night so today I went out and bought a nice new laptop, this time I opted for an Acer seeing as my Mom has has an Acer for the past two years and only had one problem with it. I must say I'm really impressed so far but we will see how things go in the long run.

Other then those two updates nothing much has happened in Fridonia, I guess it's time to end this blog or I'll start rambling on again. Oh yeah! one little thing. My kitten get's her stiches from her spaying out tomorrow, I can't wait to finally get her out because I've never known a kitten to produce so much poop!

Did you see that?!?

Hey GameSpot peoples!

I'm looking into oing some videos for youtube. I'm also wanting a HD video capture box so i can record various happenings in games like my Naruto sprint video, thing is I don't know what capture box to get and I figured, what better place to ask then GameSpot!

Let me know in a comment pretty please =D

Well that was quick!

Hello to my Gamespot followers!

Remember yesterday how I said I had dropped my iPhone on the floor and broken it beyond repair, beside from which I'm tired of getting it repaired! But yes do you remember me saying that? Well I do... balls to you remembering =] Anyways I've gotten an upgrade at like lightning fast speed! My friend recieved an upgrade for her contract and told me I can buy her Samsung Galaxy S off her for cheap! I DID! And I've got to say, I should've stuck with Android instead of moving to iPhone.

I'm loving the Galaxy S already and I haven't really had a proper full on go with it! I got all my usual bumf onto it like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Skype and some fun lil' games! I honestly think Android is the way forward for Smartphone OS'. It's soo idiot proof and any body could use it!

Anyways the Blog was only a quickie to say I've got the phone situation sorted! =]

Rust In Peice

Today is rather a sad day. You see I dropped my iPhone while out and it practically imploded and the screen is buggered completely! Nothing works at all. No worrys because I get to look for a new phone and I think I might go for teh Samsung Galaxy S or the Sony Ericcson Xperia X10 or the HTC Desire. If only there was a three sided coin!

I've been going blog crazy over at blogspot!

Hello everyone!

If you don't follow my blogs page on Facebook or Twitter you won't know that I've started to properly get into my blogging! Today I posted two rather long blogs which is very unusual for me =] I've even posted a blog on here telling you what I'm writing right now! I love blogging here on Gamespot but my blog over on Blogspot is my everything now! Please head over and check it out, I hope you like it!

Click here to visit my blog

Damn you Shiinsuh!!!!!!!

This guy! Oh my god! THIS GUY! Shiinsuh has totally gotten me adicted to Call Of Duty 4 on PC!!! He brought it to my house today and installed it on my laptop and now I can't get off the bloody thing! Grrrrrrr. Every body goto his page and shun him ¬.¬ Getting me addicted to a PC game! HAHA!

But seriously it's freaking awesome! One of the best online games for PC I've played! Oh and also seriously HE ROCKS you should all add him! If not look out for him on CoD4 cos hes the dogs bollocks!


Hey everyone!

Yes yes I know I'm late, really late in fact! but I'm sorry!

Anyways! I have bought an awesome DSi XL last week and I also got an flash card so I can watch movies n listen to music n stuff! thing is I've had to buy a new one cos the first one I bought didn't work, but they're sending me a new one which I'll give to my Mum!

I've also been having another metal session on Borederlands with Shiinsuh! Together we've unlocked nearly every acheivement! Rather chuffed! Now I've got to get the GOTY edition so I can get all of the acheivements for all the DLC.

Not much has happened other then I gotta take my kitty in the get spayed! I hope she will be ok. Poor little Kiichi!

I got myself something new!!!

Hey everybody! I got an update for you all.

Last year I had my Nintendo DS lite stolen from me, today I got a new one, but not any old DS, A DSi XL! I'm glad I bought it. I bought the Wine Red model and got Sonic Colours free! from what I can tell it is just another Sonic game and once you've played one you've played them all, it won't stop me from playing it 'till I've completed it but I don't think this is a game I will be holding onto in my collection.

In other news, I have continued my marathon with Shiinsuh on Borderlands. Together we've both reached level 33 and are about to finish our first play through, I think once we're done we will probably start on our second play through straight away. I've never had so much fun on Borderlands.

Oh yeah, I don't know if any of you have heard the rumour of the NGP being sold as two separateconsoles based on their connectivity, an NGP 3G and an NGP WIFI. I don't think this is true but if it is it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, well it is stupid to the fact of if they are two separate consoles this is just anohter way for Sony to squeeze more money out of us. Anyways enough about that, I don't wanna drivel on about my "small form of hate" against Sony.

Bye Bye! I love ya! and see ya next week! well... Sunday!