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I'll have to say no, main reason, the L1/R1 buttons begin to stick when you press them repeatedly, which get annoying when playing games such as Dead Nation or any other games that require constant use of the L1/R1 buttons

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  1. Far Cry 4
  2. Assassins Creed Unity
  3. Destiny
  4. Dragon Age Inquisition
  5. Samurai Warriors 4
  6. The Evil Within
  7. Batman Arkham Night
  8. GTA V


  1. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  2. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD
  3. Lost Dimension
  4. Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki 2
  5. Shining Resonance
  6. Tales of Xillia 2

Wii U

  1. Hyrule Warriors
  2. Super Smash Bro
  3. Toad Treasure Quest


  1. DanganRonpa 2
  2. Freedom Wars
  3. IA/VT
  4. Corpse Party Blood Drive
  5. Fate/Hollow Ataraxia\
  6. Makaishin Trillion
  7. Tales of Hearts R


  1. Fantasy Life
  2. Harvest Moon The Lost Valley
  3. Story of Seasons
  4. Super Smash Bro.
  5. Medarot 8 Kuwagata ver.
  6. Kinki no Maguna
  7. Pokemon Omega Ruby
  8. Persona Q
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all it has to do is catch my interest, I dont care about scores since sometimes they are just personal opinions.

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@hiphops_savior said:

@freedom01: Holy crap, it actually looks....good. Of course, for pros like Liquid.Ken, it has to be wired for minimal latency.

true, but just an alternative for those just wants to have fun and not on the pro level who all look out for input lag. And yes, I also agree with you on the design looking good.

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just for a reminder, there is one GC controller that does not need the adapter, but instead uses the Wii Remote which most Wii U owners already have, its the controller that is a collaboration of Nintendo and PDP

more source

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how about Open World Mario RPG style game, like skyrim but can in a much smaller scale like just the Mushroom Kingdom or somewhere new. Mario can equip weapons but the weapons would be like the ones used in Mario RPG for the SNES like the green shells, hammer, gloves, red shells, winged shells, and also some additions from other Mario games such as the FLUD or whatever that was called. And we can switch around the weapons by using the touchpad in the gamepad

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at first I thought it was useless, but after seeing how it is implemented and how it will be used for future nintendo games, I want them

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Mario Sunshine 2
Custom Robo U
Medarot U

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For PS3 and PC I use Sony Playstation Eltie Wireless Headset, for PS4 I use Playstation Gold Wireless Headset