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Yeah...So I just brought PS plus.

This will be a facepalm moment.I brought ps plus 90days for 11.99pounds to occupy me for the half term.Get ready for this.....

I have a 40gb fat I dont have enough space to download infamous 2 ): or any other game.The only game I could download was Borderlands 1 which is a great game so far.I just killed the first boss.

On the moment I cant upgrade my hard drive.Hopefully I will over the weekend for the mean time I guess I will just have to try make some space.Also to try and finish borderlands 1 for the time being I only have 3gb space ):

PC cases!

I was getting the in win dragon rider but there are some flaws and its abit pricey.So instead I am getting the coolermaster 690 II advanced nvidia edition instead.Its £20 cheaper then a dragon rider and its one of the best budget cases out there.Its the nvidia edition it will be abit weird since my GPU will be a HIS hd 7870 ice q 2048mb. So what case do you think is better?  vs

November 5th!!!

woooooo I am getting my rig money on november 5th.I hoped I got it before half term so i could pc game for the whole half term.But i guess I will just have to play on my wii and ps3 till then.Patience pays its self.Also I got English exams in school on the week of november 5th So i guess I will just have to order on the weekend of that week when my exams are finished :P

The level 10 rule in System wars!

On system wars which is a board about platform disscussions and what system wars is also plagued by trolls.Months ago a rule was put on system wars which didnt let users under 10 to post in system wars.

I put a thread on the gamespot site enchanement forums unfortunatly this thread was locked after 10 replies.

So i decided to make a blog about why the rule doesnt work and why it should be removed.

The rule isnt enforced a Mod still has to manually lock the thread this isnt a solution it just stops new legitmate users from making good topics.What is the point of this rule when a Mod can just decide if a thread is legit and can just lock it.What happends after a troll account reaches level 10 legit low level accounts shouldnt be punished.

So yh thats why the level 10 rule is useless.

This is free_milk out

I am going to start PC gaming soon! (:

Recently I have been planning a good pc build.My rig should be ready at the end of the month and it will be awesome.Playing some games on my laptop sucks Terraria is awesome though.The in win dragon rider case will kinda ruin my budget but it is worth it.I think I will buy it last since if i review a product i get 65£ from the website i am ordering it from.

Parts i am planning to build.

CPU:Intel Core I5 ivy bridge 3750k 3.4GHZ - 6MB

Graphics card:HIS HD iceq Radeon 7870

Power Supply:I havent decided yet

Hard drive: 500MB (I will add more later.)

Ram:8GB DDR3

Case:In win Dragon Rider

Heatsink:I havent decided yet

Mobo:MSI Z77A-1155 Socker Z77 chipset - ATX

I am looking forward to pc gaming and I also get sleeping dogs free with my GPU so i wont need alot of games until the winter sale ;)

I dont think i need any fans since I am getting a 220mm led fan on the case aswell as another fan.The case is also foamed to reduce sound

Top 5 zelda games.


Awesome gif from the zelda alliance union

This was really hard since there are alot of Zelda games but ive managed to narrow it down to my top 5 in no particular order since it was so hard to decide.


Ocarina of Time (Time Travel mechanic. The magical Ocarina instrument and the ability to cast magical spells by playing certain sets of notes that form beautiful melodies. The most balanced Zelda game for main-quests/side-quests. Like ALttP, this one also gave me the Legendary feel).This was also the first 3d zelda so it was a standout from the other 3d games.The game also split the timeline into 3.


Majoras Mask (The 3-day cycle gameplay mechanic was amazing. The true sequal to orcarina of time. The graphics slightly improved graphics, some side-quests for being unforgiving on the player (try to score 50 in the Town shooting gallery by hitting all the blue Octoroks in first-person with the Bow to see what I mean.. Oh! and the Beaver race), the unchanged character design (using the OoT models made me feel like I was seeing the same ol people/creatures once more) and some equipment items that were derived from OoT Deku sticks/nuts, Bombchu, Lens of Truth for example).The story was also amazing and it gave the game a darker feel.

A Link to the Past (The Light World/Dark World mechanic. Set the standard for many future 2D/3D Zelda titles to come. It created many outworld/dungeon formulas that other games from the franchise easily utilize and was possibly the most hardest zelda game.

Links Awakening this was the first zelda game with exploration the game has a great atmosphere that sinks you It sinks you deep into its atmosphere by offering plenty of outworld areas to explore with many cave and dungeons. Also the first Zelda game with trading .


The Wind Waker the cell shaded presentation brought somthing new to the series.

London olympics 2012 the video game first impressions.

I played the game trial on onlive not expecting anything great here is my main problem with the game.

the game is liscensed but it doesnt even have all the countries it only has 10-20 countries if i remeber accurately proberbly less.The game also just generates random atheletes instead of the actual atheletes they just make you do it yourself which sucks which is stupid since the game is liscensed.Whats worse is it doesnt even include all sports its missing out on long distance running,bmx biking,Tennis,tyekwondo,judo,hockey,football,water polo,volleyball,boxing etc.The box art includes Mo Farah even though his sport isnt in the game.

Sports like gymnastics are incredibly hard seeing as the game is compat with the onlive dpad.EG.Y on the gamepad is W on the keyboared etc.L is top arrow.

Why cant all fighting games be like MK9??

Why cant all fighting games be like MK9??The game is litterally perfect in everyway well except for the kinda stiff fighting and the lame towermode prize (dont worry no spoilers) but thats it.The devs who made the game are really good in all aspects of fighting games.Lets get started.

Story:The game is bang on with story.The cinematic cut scenes are really good.but the goal of this thread is to compare it to other fighting games.First up.Tekken 6.The problem with tekkens stroy/arcade mode/single player whatever you want to call it.The story doesnt consist of 1 vs 1 battles instead the story is more of a beat em up.Most fans wanted it to be a tourneyment thinga a miga.But it was some lame beat em up with an alright story.Mortal kombats story has great cinematics and story.

Compare it to street fighter.Street fighter has a good arcade mode since you can replay it and it has alot of difficulty settings.But the intros and endings suck!Just watch Ibukis and you will know what i mean.

Dont even get me started on MVC3


The charachters are really good and varied.Someone could say "half the charachters are ningas but different colourscry.gif.But all the ningas have varied move sets scorpion is fire,smoke is smoke,reptile is a lizard,ermac is a telekinetic thingy,sub zero uses ice moves.In street fighter 6 charachters are just martial art people with the same basic moves and just one move of their own eg.akuma has the same moves as ryu but he has a teleport thing,ken is the same as ryu but he has a fire shryuken.In mortal kombat 9 the charachters arent over nude and only 2 charachters are undecent milena and shheva.The game isnt like dead or alive where the female charachters arent even fighters.

DLC:Mortal kombat devs were really smart with this.None of the dlc itself is three but if you download the compatability packs you get free alt outfits (: .

Controls:The game doesnt have complicated as hell stuff like assists,BNB combos,mash ups,complicated hyper controls.The game is just good.On street fighter and MVC3 you have to put 30 hours into a charachter to be good with the charachter.In mortal kombat you can use like 9 charachters.

so yh my faviorite fighting game is MK9

A Message to Ubisoft

The old days ubisoft was awesome.

made these awesome games

Let see now

3ds ubisfot launch titles.

steel driver

  • Uneven balance between simulation and action
  • Long, grueling boss fights
  • Only a few hours of content
  • Banal competitive mode relies too much on luck.


  • Sorely missing multiplayer modes from the original Chaos Theory
  • Adds little to the original's main campaign.

combat of giants:dinosaures 3d

  • Overly simple combat system
  • Repetitive content
  • No head-to-head multiplayer fighting.

rayman 3d

  • It's yet another port of Rayman 2
  • Frame rate occasionally stutters when playing in 3D
  • Adjusted difficulty makes the game too easy.

asphalt 3d

  • Places too much emphasis on its awful crashes
  • Some competition types are broken.

see im not going to bother complaining about wii ubisoft games.

my 1st blog!!!