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Project Natall absolutly amazing

Project Natall is changing the face of future gaming. I checked out the video with milo. and it shocked me. I never would of though technology would go this far, it is absolutly amazing. I cant wait to experience this. No more annoying controllers or cords, just you and the game interacting together, no more scripted, boring games i can see it now that this will blow everything out the water. Leave comments and let me know what you all think about this.

I bought a xbox 360 and was disapppointed! loud &overheating

I got a xbox 360 and was really excited, i popped the disc in and the console is so loud, its so annoying, i just got one of those silver ps2s and i love it, i sont care about graphics much i just want something to play thats fun . plus the xbox 360 was always overheating , it made my entertainment center feel like a toaster with just 29 minutes of gameplay. All that money for a heat box, that basically just always talks about online play.
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