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:/ Apparently I can't paste a link to my RDR review because of my web browser ? I'm using Chrome for crying out loud! Ok so I'll just copy the entire review her. Oh wait I can't do that either =(. Sigh Well check it out if you got the time

Assassins Creed 3

Does this not look amazing ??? I always doubted that this game would take place during the American Revolution as I thought Feudal Japan and Egypt would have made more appropriate choices. I'm guessing the new protagonist is possibly Native American ( I refuse to say Indian). The official box art shows the character ready to decapitate a British soldier If I'm correct. (my American Revolution knowledge is somewhat lacking) So perhaps he is fighting for the Americans ? :( Shame I would have loved to have George Washington as an Assassination target. But who knows ??? Other than Ubisoft of course ;)

Tips ?

Ok so I've noticed that my reviews are well...."shloppy". Ok so there flat out bad,worse than those rushed four minute ones on IGN. Feel free to leave a comment for any advice on how to make them better P.S if you actually look at my reviews do NOt go on the second page. Those are the worst ones I have ever written.

Quite Bored

Should I just wait until the knew games come out for 2012 or pick myself up something old but fun ? Masseffect 2 ? Justcause 2 ?


In case you did not get the referance in the title it's Steve from border lands ;D. anyway this blog as no real significance to it I just thought I'd write something to make sure you guys didn't think I had been shot and thrown in a ditch somewhere. So yeah I should have some blogs up eventually just been busy lately,maybe even a few reviews. Peace out. (P.S if you guys care what my opinion is on anything for whatever reason just leave a commment ;P)

Fanboys and Haters

I spend A LOT of time on youtube everyday and the majority of videos I view are about videogames. From rants to reviews it is common sense you will find both Fanboys and haters on about 99% of those videos. Lets start of with fanboys shall we.

Ahh Zelda.....

Zelda fanboys and to be more general Nintendo fanboys are some of the worst. If you read my review on SkyWard Sword you can see what I disliked about that. Ok I admit maybe I shouldn't have added the whole "Nintendo Sucks" thing. The things I criticized about the game I also shared on various youtube videos. (No I was not trolling I simply came upon the videos in the suggestion bar with provacative titles like " Zelda YAY Uncharted 3 NAY" or "Skyrim sucks,Zelda is better" So after I stated why Zelda was not that great (i.e bad controls and outdated graphics) I was flamed. Badly. Which is what I expected as these guys are precious of thier little game series. Now you might think i'm a hater to the series but I'm not. I enjoyed Orcarina of Time,Wind Waker and Twilight Princess TP being my favourite. And it's not like I hated EVERYTHING about Skyward Sword. I thought the story was decent at least.

What a

Now for haters. Honestly fans of the game DarkSouls hate any other RPG besides this game,Skyrim being a large target for their flaming. Again this game wa snot well received by me and got the same score as SkyWard Sword did. I shared my opions on a comparison video between this and skyrim. The majority of comments were written by Darksouls fans and after stating that quote " I tryed to like this game but with bad acting no story and outdated mechanics and visuals I got rid of it" 2 hours after that comment was written I got about 6 comments telling me how I was an idiot and a no skilled chump. First of all I completly Darksouls like any other game I own or owned. Second of all the game takes no real skill at all. Just gotta keep grinding and you'll make it eventually. That shut em up.

So that is all I have to say on the matter. Though their are far more like (Fallout haters and The Elder Scrolls fanboys) I'm am finished. Stay tuned for more blogs.

Assassins Creed becoming like COD ?

Alright so I am a HUGE fan of ubisoft's assassins creed,been plaiyng it since its deput in 07 and I have loved every single one of their games Brotherhood being my favourite.

But I have noticed something lately. Ever since the huge sucess of Assassins Creed 2 Ubisoft has been milking the series and the main character from the last 3 games: Ezio.

Every year ubisoft releases a new AC game providing little tweaks here and there but obviously those tweaks are not enough to keep it "fresh" enough for various reviewers as the scores of the games keep going lower and lower.

AC1: 9.0

AC2: 9.0

ACB: 8.5

ACR: 8.0

(These scores were taken from gamespot)

Newly announced AC3 will be realesed this year,featuring a new characters,setting and rapping up everything.

Am I excited ? Yes. As much as I loved Ezio it is time for a new character and I'm curious of whom it will be. A woman perhaps? We won't know until the realese. I'm just glad they have decided to end this series will this last game and not continue to make more and become a hated series by the lot of us. *cough* Call of Duty *cough*

Players lacking skill.

I've been playing battlefield 3 a little over a month and I think I can saftly say is that,these players these "gamers" are some of the worst players I have ever seen.

I don't mean to brag but 80% of the time I'm MVP in a match simply because I do one simple thing: GO FOR THE BLOODY OBJECTIVE.

If you read my Review of the game you can see I only play rush really and when I do it is SOOO frustrating when I find 5 men swarming an M-Com making little to no effort in defusing the charge. Same thing happens when we are attackers. Very rarely team mates work together and just get effed over in about 5 minutes. THIS ISN'T CALL OF DUTY PEOPLE!!! I have actually seen my Squad members going after a guy instead of defusing the M-Com. These are the days I wish BFBC2 was still alive. Those are where REAL players were at. all these complaints I listed,I never had in my BFBC2 days. Now I'm sure there are very good Battlefield players out there and this is playstation 3 so maybe it is just a console thing but we just need more of you. Our playtime would be much more enjoyable trust me. Veteran Battlefield players UNITE!

Birthday Games

Got BFBC2 and killzone 3 for my birhtday. both are awesome and so far im pretty bad at both of them lol but i hope to improve soon. thinking of getting crysis 2 and homefront as well


I was walking back to my place one day and guess what i found near the trash. Far cry 2 i didn't expect it too work but i brought it up anyways and it did! check out my review

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