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Bioshock.. Cracked

Cracked and ready to go

Doing some research through the net about.. well.. bioshock.. i came across a comment saying.. "People, this is real. This torrent works. There's already a working crack in GCW. Bioshock RULES"

Now.. what does this mean? This, my friends, means that this people who don't buy a single game will be able to play Bioshock in a couple of days (don't know how much the download takes) without waisting a cent.. and not having any kind of trouble with internet activation or copy protection..

2k went too far with all the piracy protection this time.. it gave some of the people who bought the game legally a REALLY hard time for NOTHING.. cause in the end as you can see it was useless..

Piracy continues it's perfectionism with bioshock..

Although many won't agree.. i think cracking guy deserves a medal.


Jeff.. "Your Host"

Something did not feel quite right from the very beginning of the show.. i guess it's just that we are so used to seeing Rich over the desk that having someone else in his place isn't right.. or good enough.

The fact is that Jeff and Rich are completely different.. you can see in Rich's face and personality that he was meant to Host.. while Jeff is more of a "gamer guy" i mean.. he does write reviews.. and although he has been on the stage a lot.. he did not have much pressure.. fact that now.. having to replace the almighty Rich.. was at a higher level.. like.. at the very beginning was kinda overreacting and making the show look more informative rather than fun.. thing that changed as it went on..

All in all.. it's still On the Spot.. and it's great!

I think given time and patience Jeff will be a good host.. and will get hopefully a better sign off salute. XD.

Peace! XD


Welcome to Hell

There's no welcome category so i'll go with games XD.. you know.. this is my first "blog" entry.. and i'm doin' it cause i've had 5 visits in the last month.. you may think.. yeah 5 visits.. no big deal.. but the fact that those are my only visits and that have happened in the last month when i kinda started being a little more participative with the gamespot community.. not much though.. because of the E3 and stuff makes me wanna tell them how grateful i am that they visited this writing forsaken profile.. and you too of course..

I'm gonna start writing game reviews.. believe me.. i'm gonna tell you just what you need to know about them.. screw my perspective.. i'm gonna tell you what you wanna know of gameplay and stuff.

So.. make sure to check out my contribution tag up there and see if there's a review you might be interested in from now on =D.

See ya pal.