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Prince Of Persia Forgotten Sands vs Assassin's Creed 2

I know even the thought of comparing the two games might seem unreasonable, however, both run on the award winning Anvil Engine and have been published by Ubisoft in the same genre with massive differences in gameplay.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind I'm sure that Assassin's Creed 2 wins by a mile when compared in aspects of both story, gameplay and graphics. I mean, AC2 is just too brilliant, the details, lighting, characters and is overall way better than Prince Of Persia : Forgotten Sands.

And hence, my question, why is it that, story being kept aside, that there is such an immense difference in the look and feel of both games running on the same engine. It should be apparent that, PoP:FS should have better graphics, if not the same as AC2 seeing that it was released at a later date. And even the gameplay was only interesting after a huge first half, which was a total drag.. jumping from pillar to pillar is fun, but the part where it becomes irritating is when, thats all u do.. Assassin's Creed 2 had a lotta focus on using the techniques of Ezio to get from one place to the other, rather than making it a challenge.. It was stealth that mattered. However, we know the basic core of the game of PoP is, after all, the wall jumps and acrobatics.. I would've liked to see it be as challenging as it was during Warrior Within or the original Sands Of Time, however, the level of challenge is just not enticing enough to even imagine a second playthrough..

It just felt as if the developers at Ubisoft released this title, just for the heck of it.. It wasn't as well-made to the needs of the modern gamer as Assassin's Creed 2 was.

I guess, I ranted on way too long.. The frustration of not having a decent PoP since The Two Thrones is just immense!

Hope i get some more chances to be back on the blog again.. Its been tough to do so this past year, as engineering is turning out to be a **** :P More on that later!

New rig new games

Got a new rig finally.. Am really excited with the awesome jump in frame rates from my old system..

My new config's like this;

Intel Core2Quad Q8200@2.33GHz


XFX Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT

2GB DDR2 @ 800 MHz

500GB Western Digital HDD

Zebronics Platinum Series PSU (600 W)

Really made me realise how much PC gaming rocks ;)

Mobo with procy

Glow in the dark LOL

Long time no see

Hello guys, I've been away from gamespot for quite some time now, but had a large no. of exams n entrances to give, but now m having a nice break and have managed to play quite a no. of games too. I'll be posting some videos n screens soon. This an update on which games i've played...


Half Life 2

Half Life 2 : Episode One

Half Life 2 : Episode Two


Assassin's Creed


Team Fortress 2

Resident Evil 4

Devil May Cry 4

Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory


and lots of Call Of Duty 4 Multiplayer

Well, thats not it there.. am going to be playing Mass Effect soon.. and hopefully will be getting a copy of CoH soon too

This is just a post to give a shout out to all my friends here at GS, that I'm back and will be posting more frequently..

And u can check out some more screens HERE

Seriously, this isn't a game.. its a TV show!

I finished playing Lost : Via Domus and trust me, the first word i can spell at the thought of the game, is "disastrous",and the second is "disappointing"..

Ubisoft seriously overdid it.. high res textures, seriously cool graphics and interesting intereactions and a very different type of gameplay.. but bad lip sync, distubingly boring puzzles and intermittent loadings make the game quite unbearable after a point.. The approach towards the gameplay style was great but the overall outcome was quite bad..

On the other hand, Devil May Cry 4 has been further delayed for the PC.. makes me wonder, sometimes, whats wrong with the Ubisoft PC division.. every multiplatform game has delays when it comes to these guys..

Read the review here; Lost : Via Domus Review

lost via domus

And here's a pic of my last ride in NFS:Most Wanted

Carerra GT in NFSMW

I, also managed to finish NFS: Most Wanted after quite a long time.. an awesome game, seriously fantastic AI and the tracks are all so fantastic and natural.. the best NFS game till date.. had an awesome time completing it..Even managed to put up the two ending videos of the game.. Enjoy :)



No GODS or KINGS, only MAN!!

No God or Kings, Only Man

The first two levels on Bioshock were a blast.. It was the most different game, I've come across in recent times. The lighting effects were very pleasing and the gameplay was totally awesome. The storyline revolving around Rapture through the Audio Diaries was a nice approach and also the freaky ghostly flashbacks that we come across as well.

The Big Daddy was really a big one to say the least, thank goodness that I'm past him now. The weapons are quite good, and depict the kind of feel, it might've been while using them in the 60's, may it be the low volume of shots in the Shotgun or the high recoil of the machine gun. Nothing said bang like the plasmids including the electro bolt, incinerate and also the coolest yet, Telekinesis.


Also, took the liberty of finishing off Vergil in Devil May Cry 3:Special Edition to unlock the game ending videos and yes i captured them to share them with all you guys at GS :)

These are the videos and the best is the second one according to me.. chk em out..




Been a little hyperactive maybe, this week :P coz i even uploaded the ending to Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare which was one of the best games last year. Am havin a week off from exams and couldnt help but play teh rest of the game from where I'd left off. I finished the game in the Hard Difficulty setting and trust me, I dont know about u guys, but it was no cake for me.. I faced a lot of trouble in finishing the mission involving Captain Price's assassination of Imran Zakhaev but otherwise it was pretty smooth for the majority of the game. But either way, the Sniper mission was definitely one of the best missions I've played in any game, ever.



I got Blake Lewis's Album A.D.D. (Audio Day Dream) and trust me, its something awesome.. Watch the video below (his American Idol performance of his song How Many Words, one of my fav songs from his album)

So do tell me if you like it guys. And do give your opinions of the videos.

P.S. I cut off the sound in the vids so that the streaming would be smoother, coz well I have some bad experiences with that.. Chk it out!! ;)

Games I'm looking forward to playing in April(exams end)

Am finally getting a RAM upgrade and am looking forward to playing these games in April after my final exams for my +2 2nd year(12th grade)finish.. Do give me your opinion on which to get first coz am really looking forward to play all of these but want to play the best first..

1. Assassin's Creed(heard its an awesome game, am hoping it'll be the same on the PC too..)

look's awesome..:)

2. TUROK (seen the game previews, been simply blown away by the graphics & gameplay.. and co-op assures it to be an awesome game..)

looks promising

3. Devil May Cry 4 (had a great time playing Devil May Cry 3:SE, as Dante & Vergil, am really looking forward to opening the Pandora's Box in the sequel)

Am defnintely getting this..

4. Bioshock (got it already but havent had a chance to play or will get the chance to play before the end of exams because my graphics card got burnt up.. fortunately it was still under warranty.. it wont return before april, i guess)

am waiting to try my hand on this one..

Looks to me like April might be a lotta fun..

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition..

I just started playing a port of the game Devil May Cry 3 from the PS2 on the PC..

The game is just awesome but I read GS's review of the game and I must agree with it almost cent percent but the fact of the matter is that the game is unusually fantastic inspite of its many flaws which we have come to see in almost all games that areported fromthe consoles.. The game, difficult as it is, with the keyboard is truly interesting in terms of seriously good gameplay. Though the problem is, wothout a gamepad, the game becomes al least 3 times harder because the game requires swift movements and it is very difficult to set keys that can correspond to the functions with ease. And I must say, after playing through 5 levels and 5 difficult bosses, I was finally able to see that the Default key system is very good on the keyboard except the fact that it gets confusing to understand which number they correspond to on the menu screen. The game has got poor textures that really give most of us PC gamers a shudder but when it comes to it, the game has some of the most awesome close combat attacks and fight techniques that I have seen. The gameplay nearly, makes up for the lack of optimized textures and the game has one thing that stands out which is - ATTITUDE.

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition is a game for all PC users who want to experience a console type game on the PC with terrific frame rates and is the want an awesome gameplay experience..

Cod4 finished.. yes,already..

The game was short and snappy but the experience is something you just can't miss out on. The game has some of the most modern weapons and great graphics that define modern gaming. The interesting storyline combined with amazing gameplay makes an awesome combination and is the recipe for a great game.

Check out my review:;continue

Call Of Duty 4: First Impressions..

I finally started playing Call Of Duty 4 today on my PC and I am happy to report that it has totally lived upto all expectations..

Not only is the game having an addictive and awesome storyline, it actually makes us feel like we are the soldiers involved in the war..

The high tech arsenal of weapons in this part of the series totally blew me away.. From the Javelin rockets to the nefarious machine guns and not to mention the all-new Shotgun and the great automated Sniper Rifles including the Dragunov.. my personal favorite..

The action never ends and we can experience a full scale war even in a small area.. I had the most awesome experience while I was playing at the first floor of the TV Station where there were at least 25 enemies and many armed with Javelins would be firing like crazy.. Not to mention the huge number of machine gunners at all angles throughout the large room.. It was a dogfight to the finish..

I really liked the flashbangs and the claymores introduced into the game and especially the inbuilt Grenade Launchers in some of the machine guns like the M1A1 .. Just amazing to say the least..

Am still at a loss for words when it comes to describing the experiences I've had with this game..

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