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What a Disapointment : (

A few weeks ago i finnaly bought a ds but in order to get it i hade to trade in my old lovable red sp. I just realized that the ds is not that good frankly right now i think its a waste of money:cry:. o cry me a river i lost my beloved sp for this peice of junk. and to some of the ds fan super mario ds doesnt reach up to its hype, i dont know whats all the fuss about this game.its not that great..........RED SP please come back i regret it.............

new games woo !!!!!

right now i cant wait to by the new grand turismo 4 when it comes out.....i have been waiting 4 this exiting game 4 three years and its finally coming yyyyyaaaaaaaaayyyyy.......i am so happy .......I also want to by the smakdown game and need 4 speed underground 2 because i reacently found out that they were an online gamer fanatic.......what game are u lookin fowards 2 im just wondering

Such a great game

I think the best game i currenty own right now is i have to say SOCOM 2 ........i have hade it for over a year now and i never get tired of it........What do u think of this game......if u have it wats ur oonline name:D