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Power Rangers: Nostalgia to the Extreme!

Several years ago I got back into watching ReBoot, the Canadian-made CG-animated serial television show, and nostalgia'd hard. Fast-forward and I got the urge, out of absolutely nowhere, to watch the original season of Power Rangers, something I knew I would nostalgia over, and something I knew I loved as a child... but I had no idea how much nostalgia it would generate.

The sounds, the sights, the music, the monsters, the characters, it totally wipes the floor with ReBoot. *This* was my childhood show. And I'm loving every cheesy minute. Can't wait for Tommy to show up.

A Good Way to Kill Interest

So apparently, I can't post on the forums anymore. Not sure if it's a glitch or "moderator discretion", but I cannot post, quote, reply, anything. And comments stopped working for me a couple weeks ago. I might like the new site if it actually worked.

Should have beta'd the site more GS. Epic fail.

Fuck Rogers

>Lose my phone

>Call Rogers, I tell them what happened, and they can offer me an upgrade to a new phone on a two-year contract (got swindled into the last 3-year without being told about it)

>Tell them I want to switch to Telus and the best they can do is waive a $16 hardware upgrade fee, and give me a $5/month discount on an equivalent plan from Telus.

>If I want to leave, they'll charge me $125, I've been a customer for 5+ years and this is the best they can do? Really?

Hey Rogers, go fuck yourself.

I'll just ride out the contract till December 22nd (the 30-day notice, no-cancellation fee date) on a dumb phone and be done with you forever. And even then, I'll still have to pay $25 to get services I won't be able to use on a dumb phone removed from my plan. Seriously?

Note to everyone: don't give Rogers your time and money.

Pre-ordered Batman: Arkham Origins

Yeah, I'm kind of silly, I just bought Arkham City GOTY on PS3 for $20 (because I don't like my 360 anymore), I originally bought Arkham City Limited Edition on 360 for $100 and spent about $12 on DLC... now I've pre-ordered the next game, knowing full-well they will do the same thing as Arkham City with Catwoman, but now with Deathstroke. *shrugs*

I like Batman. I like supporting the Batman: Arkham franchise, and I'm sure it will be a good game (no way WB would let something noticeably poorer than Rocksteady's offerings out the door). It's the goddamn Batman.

Anyone getting the game and wanting to play multiplayer, I'll be on PS3, under "Zeviander". Send me a PM or reply and maybe I'll find some time to play. Also, hint for those who do online ordering, or are interested, Amazon Prime offers a 30-day free trial with free 2-day shipping, which ships any pre-order to arrive on release day. Cancel before 30 days are up, and it's free. Otherwise, it's $79 CAD/year. Not something I'd pay for, knowing how little I order, but Xmas is just around the corner, and free 2-day shipping is nice.


Enjoying the new GS... somewhat.

The switchover to the new Gamespot could have been handled significantly better. There are more glitches than before the switch, pages take forever to load, sometimes don't fully load, some features are still non-functional and the forum UI and look is still extremely terrible.

But overall, they have the right idea, their execution left a LOT to be desired. I will stick around and see what's going to happen when things actually get fixed.

BONK! (caps lock)

Ironic how we haven't seen this for at least a year, or any other glitch for that matter, and on the verge of switching over to the new GS, it comes back with a vengeance, as if trying to convince us to accept the changeover.

Taking bets on when I get banned.

With the new rules coming into effect soon, and me being highly indifferent to Gamespot's attempt to make their community "better", I'm going to keep posting as I do now, without regard for the rule change. Place bets here for when (month/day) you think I'll end up being banned. I'll go with October 27th.

Probably my last blog here...

Gamespot is changing, and while I'm not upset with the idea of change per se, I'm quite upset as to how Gamespot is handling this entire process. They aren't being forward about the improvements being offered (keeping them "secret" until their little "Google hangout" thing on the 22nd) and are very easily able to tell us, with full mockery (using gifs while telling us we won't be able to use them anymore) and seemingly without concern for how we might feel about what they are taking away. The whole mod and admin team is being very blase about the whole thing, offering PR-style hand-waving "just wait and see" type responses, and not being, what I feel is especially important in a strong community, OPEN about everything, and sharing with everyone right away. Rather, they are giving beta privileges to a select few who are already on the staff "payroll" as it were (mods, rangers and other community leaders) and ignoring any typical user who brings them traffic on a regular basis. The biggest thing, that is a slap across the face to anyone who ever cared about them, is they are considering (quite strongly, I'm assuming, considering their arguments regarding traffic v. bandwidth costs) duping unions and UCBs full stop. No transition, no fixing them and keeping the feature... just trashing it completely. As someone who stayed on this site in his early years FOR unions and the unique groups of users that used them, I cannot help but feel utterly betrayed by even mentioning this as an option. Unions have always made GS unique, and a standout gaming site on the internet. Now they want to appeal to the lowest common denominator user who comes to comment on an article through their smartphone, and cut the forums down to a feature-lite text system (much like many other website boards out there). Why could they not have fixed unions 6-7 years ago when they first promised and not had to worry about dumping them now? I stopped using them because 1) their coding was crap especially after the main board upgrade and 2) everyone else just left and I had no one to talk to anymore. Signatures are being limited to 500 characters and no images can exceed 50k and 125px in height (my recent signatures have been a respectable 250px by 550px and are large, but not excessively. Now we get this:  My most recent sig sized down to the new standards. I have always loved making sigs for use on this website (and others that offer them), and really feel this is limiting of creativity and really strikes as a means of dulling user creativity and identity. Making us, essentially, a bunch of imageless, text vomiting bots that throw sentences back and forth for no apparent reason. I have always enjoyed seeing what other users can accomplish with both animated and non- sigs, and animated gifs are going as well... "because bandwidth". Yeah? Well, here in 2013, and in an age of 50+ MB/s connections, 8-16 GB of RAM and quadcore processors, this is a non-issue. Ever since getting my new computer, when on a reliable connection, I can load any page here on the site within seconds and fully display all the content, animated, video or otherwise. Don't like signatures or have a bad internet connection? Turn off all images through your browser or just turn off signatures. This simple feature would eliminate the need to even consider modifying the current standards. But no, "change for the better". Anyways, my rant is over for now. I'll stick around for the reveal, but I can feel it already that I'm not going to like it. So I'll be hanging out on a bunch of different boards, where you should be able to find me, if you wish to even see me again (GS won't give a rats ass because I use adblock and never visit the homepage). I'll list them here, and update any I think of later:

Mirror's Edge is my GOTG

The only game this generation that I've put a substantial amount of time into (possibly upwards of 200+ hours) and enjoyed so immensely, throughout it's entire length, every single time I play it, is Mirror's Edge. It's an artistic masterpiece that defines escapism. All the criticisms against it for being "too much trial and error" and "flow-breaking wall-climbing/vent sections" are irrelevant. The philosophy of parkour is to find the most efficient path from point A to point B. If that involves a wall-climbing puzzle, than so be it. Personally, I find them to be a welcome and calming break from the hectic pace of the "running" sections. Really let you soak the environment in and whatnot. Either way, I can understand why people wouldn't like it (it's certainly much akin to early NES-era platformers that require substantial memorization and skill investment) but it is what it is. And since late 2008, I don't think I've enjoyed a game as much as Mirror's Edge. That final, climactic "kick" and subsequent "crash" continues to send a chill up my spine. I don't care that EA is a draconian monster of a publisher if it means I get to be first in line to purchase Mirror's Edge 2/Reboot/Whatever. I want this franchise to be successful, and I want to continue to see games breaking boundaries in how we navigate game worlds (which I'm surprised that Mirror's Edge's parkour never really caught on in most FPS games).

ChthoniC - Bu-Tik

The face of Taiwanese black metal:  I first heard their song "Supreme Pain For the Tyrant" on Sirius XM's "Liquid Metal" special "The Crucible with Randy Blythe". It was powerful, dark and extremely unique. They put their own twist on the music with traditional Chinese instruments and musical themes and can seriously pound out some fantastic riff-age. Check out their album. I'm greatly enjoying it.