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buying games based on a websites review score is delusional

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crunchyroll for the vita. I had to buy a tab for that.

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the reason why they stand still and atacking the monster in a distance because it is 3d. It may look like they were a atacking a monster from a distance but no.

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wasn't final fantasy 7 random triggered encounter as well? yet it gained success. Im pretty sure this would be a great game. If only it will be released in the US.

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but what if I bought it already for the ps3? would it be available for crossplay?

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I really like this game. wish it was just not only to the ps3 but to the vita as well. Or is it because the vita isn't powerful enough?

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Really exited for soul sacrifice...But I still don't know exactly what it is!


soul sacrifice is like monster hunter and there is no pvp. it is already released in japan.

no good games are on the vita. I subscribed to music unlimited for a year. and played youtube and music ever since it launched.

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I just got the game and it is fun. I was able to kick someone out of bounds dressing up as leonidas. It was epic. It reminded me of a movie. I forgot.

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[QUOTE="PoisoN_Facecam0"]I really don't see how there will be any longevity in the multiplayer, i was bored by my 2nd match in the beta..BigBangTheory_

same here.

didnt even bother play a 2nd match XD

really? you were bored of the multiplayer? me fortunately dressing up as leonidas and was able to get a kill by kicking someone out of bounds made my day and it was epic as if though reliving the 300 movie LoL.

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I canceled my pre-order (had it paid off too). I heard it wasnt that good, so I'll pick it up when it hits $30Nengo_Flow

it predicted to be good and in fact it got scored 8.0 here in gamespot. Besides, It is one of the greatest exclusives of 2013 for the ps3 and it ain't comin elsewhere.  Oh well, I guess your more of a PC kind of guy, your rig is powerful than the PC and stuff yeah sure we all get that.