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Finally a Place to Call Home!!

It has been a long time since I've updated my blog. I've, finally, moved into my new place!! Loving every minute of it...!! I moved back in September, but have been traveling and working non-stop since then. So, I had basically put everything I owned in storage and lived out of a suitcase for three months.

The hardest part in getting settled was being without internet for three solid weeks. It is amazing how truly dependent I've become on technology. I felt like my life line was completely severed and found myself going through major withdrawals. It was a pretty sad site. With all the unpacking I had to do, you'd think I'd be trying to get that done rather then mope around the empty house over internet. Go figure!

One day has gone by since internet has been installed. Needless to say, I've been really busy!! Hey, I had to get re-acquainted with technology....literally, I haven't gotten much sleep.

As far as unpacking goes....well, that got done, finally! Now, I'm getting ready to go over to the Cineplex and check out Avatar in 3D. Can't wait!!

And what about gaming? Yesterday evening I went to my online Sims 3 community blog, updated my game, and did a little content downloading...Ahhh, heaven! I also played a little Call of Duty 2 this afternoon! Yeah, finally this place is starting look a lot more like home! :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! Happy New Year!!

Moved to Sunset Valley...

Time does not stand May I awaited in anticipation for the Sims 3 release. It arrived. I bought it. I played....

I took a deep breath, pulled my eyes away from the monitor, and found myself at 1:42 A.M. on June 27th! Has it really been that long?

For those Sims 3 gamers, feel free to check out my Sims page for free downloads:

Ok, enough of a break...back to getting lost in Simlandia... ;) I'll come up for some fresh air in a few weeks!

SimSocial Teaser vs. Packing

Between working like a dog during the days and packing for my BIG overseas move at night, the time allotted for gaming has been minimal. However, I still find myself checking out any latest Sims 3 updates...with that said, would I be a total loser to admit that I've been hooked on those Sim 3 teasers put out by EA?

One night, last week, I came across the Sim Social Teaser. EA could not have picked a better name. I was hooked. Despite the lengthy 10 minute intervals that disrupted my mini gaming (those occur quite frequently), the time spent in Simslandia was a total blast! Anything beats packing...

These are a Few of My Favorite Things : SIMS 2 and MTS2!

I'm a HUGE MTS2 FAN! SIMS 2 and MTS2 go hand in hand! There is no other place where creators and downloaders can share their Sims 2 passions! I love Sims 2 and have been playing it for TOO LONG, now. I'm no longer the most patient of players, so I've learned to cut a few corners...err, well more than a few! ;) lol. Yes, the cheats come in handy and so are those PRIMA official Game Guides, but nothing beats raw, here are five (5) of my favorite MTS2 game downloads that I feel help elevate my Sims 2 story telling: 1. Book of Talent - It literally is a book someone created that can be nicely bought for 5 simoleons and placed neatly on your Sims nightstand. I don't necessarily want all of my Sims to have to go through the whole slow knowledge acquiring drill...Some do, others are a little (or a lot) more fortunate. Instead I place this small object on a coffee table, click on it and have one of my Sims max out all of his skills. Also great for acquiring those awesome badges for your business owner type Sims. 2. Easy Bed - Yep, no need to spell this one out. My Romantic Sims love this bed. :) Adding this object to your downloads is a must. 3. Job Seeking Noticeboard - This one is by far my favorite one, because I find the Sims job searching process a bit tedious. Buy the board, hang it up on one of your walls, and let the games begin. Your Sims can even change jobs in a whim, try them all out in a week, and not miss a day haggling over a computer or waiting for the paper delivery to find a job that best fits their interests. 4. Celebrity Sims - Yes, you'd be amazed with the collection and the creations in MTS2. My favorite Celebrity Sim, right now, is Hugh Laurie as Gregory House. The cane is enough for me, but the resemblance is unmistaken! :) 5. I'm a foodie and I find the menu in the Sims 2 game to be so blah. Once you get Sims 2 Vacation expansion pac then your Sims have more of an opportunity to try foods that don't always fall under the category of mac and cheese. So, my favorite download in the food category is the Brazilian beans and rice dish. Yes, it may be the equivalent of mac and cheese in Brazil, but I like it and I think the creator did a fine job. Plus, my Sims always get full when they eat this dish, so no need for seconds. If your new to Sims 2 or an avid player of the game looking to spice things up, I'd check out the community sites! You never know what you might find!

My Own Blast From the Past - SimTower

I can clearly remember the hours I spent playing SimTower. I'm not quite sure what compelled me to think or even talk about the very first game I played on a PC. I was never good at it. I always ran out of money, had a ton of cocroach infestations in my hotel rooms, and my elevators were always so damn slow -- they were badly planned! I was a pretty lousy player, actually. Every time I'd go a little further in the game, I'd unlock something new that I could add to my tower. Recycling centers were as far as I got! The tenants got way too demanding for me and I'd find myself bankrupt, starting a whole new game. That was SimTower's appeal: I'd run out of money and I'd restart. Vicious cycle, but FUN! I just wish I had reached Tower status...with that in mind I decided to paroose the net in search of a free download and that is exactly what I got! Nothing like a little nostalgia...

Sims 3 Musings

I've been a dedicated fan of the Sims/Sims 2 games and when I heard last year that Sims 3 was a work in progress, I nearly got myself in a frenzy! Sims 2 unleashed the addict in me! I'm a Simsaholic. Since my fateful encounter with Sims 2, I've found myself meticulously building my city (not-so-clever Simville), elaborating my Sims story lines, and spending a whole lot of time trying to create successful businesses: If you haven't guessed, the Open for Business expansion pack is by far my favorite! Aside from the website and marketing hype, I hope that postponing the release date of the Sims 3 was an opportunity for EA to work out some of those pesky game glitches. Speaking of gaming kinks, for a moment I was fearful of un-installing Sims 2 on June 2nd, because I thought I'd be forever turning my back on MTS2. Where else can a gal go for her custom content, global hacks, and game cheats?! ! Instead I was happy to hear that MTS2 will be expanding! Ahhh, I'm relieved! For those die hard fans, don't forget to pre-register your Sims 2 screen name on the Sims 3 community! In the meantime, back to the countdown widget ( 52d 21h 10m 09s)...