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Come promote State of Shock

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This is a great new band that i've seen in concert opening up for staind. They need to get out there and be heard by the world. I signed up to there street team to help do that. Come on over and chek it out.

I love you blizzard :)

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My god its been what 10 - 12 years since the 2 time awarded game of the year real time strategy icon was released Starcraft. I tell you i have been a huge blizzard fan since the very first Warcradt. Back when you only had horribly low graphics and your 2 races orc vs humans. I've played em all through the years, all the diablo's, warcraft's and starcraft's. No one ever really understoof what it was about the futuristic faced paced RTS starcraft so addictive. Even to this day so many years later there are still over 30,000 people still playing starcraft on the myself included. I remember always talking with my brothers how great it would be to finally have a strcraft sequel created. They only made the game better with the release of the expansion pack Brood Wars. Finally so many years later on my 19 blizard has finally announced the details on there new project starcraft 2. I read up on a lil of the info they released of the game details. Here is a link if you havnet already read up. Just on the little bit they give away here i am so damn excited.


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What Happened to Good Team Work

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Hey Gamers,


Ok I'll keep this simple, What happened to good old fashion i'll look out for you and you look out for me team work? The reason i bring this up is due to Guild Wars. Now i had a frame of time where i didnt play guild wars. The last i played there was random PvP and there was team PvP. When it came to the random it didnt matter all that much whether you did or didn't look out for you fellow teamates as long as you ran out and killed the other team. In team it was a lil different this was a team that was put together to complement one another. If you dont do your part in the team then its game over. A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Now i have gotten back into GW and i purchased the latest chapter Nightfall. Between Factions and Nightfall there is a new set of PvP action called Area Battle or AB. This is the first i've seen where you cannot win with Brute strength. AB is all about how you play as a team and is more strategical then anything. I can't tell you how many battles i've lost because people just dont get it! They want to mob up and run and do what they want. AB came be simple if you see it for what it is. All you have to do is stay with your team watch them as they watch other you and take Cap enemy points. Somtimes you HAVE to let go of a point for teh gain of another and come back. I mean are they that many arrogant people online that good solid tactical team work is out the window? If any of you read this and feel how i feel then by all means catch me online and lets team up and show them how its done.


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