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30/30 Club

I jus got my 30th emblem. I have jus made it to the 30/30 club:)Next up isthe 40/40 club

This emblem shows that youve submitted a bracket for GameSpots Greatest Game Hero competition. Lets get in there and fight!

Gamespots gift to me

I want to thank Gamespot staff for the cool new emblem, and the cool Need for Speed Sticker:)

Participant in 2008 Readers' Choice Awards.

This user was caught spray painting GameSpot's wall! Or, maybe he/she voted in GameSpot's 13th-annual Readers' Choice Awards known as Best of 2008.

NFS Decal

20/20 Club

I have made it to the 20/20 club(20 emblems and level 20). Check out my latest emblem.

Video? Pah!
This selfless user has added to GameSpot UK by contributing content to the GSUK podcast, and got their name on the air.

2 years on Gamespot

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