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Why I respect Blizzard and disrespect EA

For anyone who follows my reviews, they can tell you that I don't like EA games that much.

Of course, it's true that EA does release some amazing games like Crysis or Battlefield 2 but the truth is almost 90% of their releases are all crap. Especially those serieses like NHL, which needs to release a title for every single year for some weird reasons. Need for speed released like 3 titles during last 4 years and NHL series released like 5 titles during, well, last 5 years. I am studying computer science and I know that is not enough time for devleopers or project managers to do anything ambitious with the game. Those people are not morons. People above them are morons. The morons who think quantity is bigger than quality. Just like GM which just had a huge turn around recently, EA doesn't understand that just making good games will make them to possibly earn more money than they do now.

Look at NHL 08. That's a complete disaster. The exact same product since NHL 03 or NHL 04, and only with different titles? Give me a break. Do you think that's developers being all weird and ignoring gamers' request? No!!! It's the stupid managers or stupid managers above managers saying "Release that game every year no matter what happens!!!" This is why I disrespect EA.

On the other hand, I really respect Blizzard even if they release something I don't like. They seldome do though. Only thing I don't like from them is the World of Warcraft and I don't like that game being a bit cartoony and easy going, nothing else. It's a great solid game, but it just wasn't for me. Everythign else though, starting from Diablo to Starcraft, I love them. Yes, they do spend like 10 years per title, but the heck! They make great games because they have enough time and inspiration. Look at Starcraft. Do you remember when it came out? YES, like 1997!! And guess what, I play that game more often than NHL 08 or NFS: PS or Battlefield 2. See, this is how you win customers and gamers.

I really wish I can send this to EA's heads, not the developers because EA is kind of company who can really produce lots of nice titles because of its size, popularity and resources. It's just so sad how they don't realize just like GM didn't and it's so sad they won't realize it until they face more financial troubles like GM.

This is why I disrespect EA but respect Blizzard.