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@Scarebaby: There's an Alan Wake novel? Huh. How did it hold up against the game? Is it written better than your typical adaption?

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I'm currently re-reading one of my favorite series of all time, His Dark Materials. I just started The Amber Spyglass a few nights ago.

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Thus my reign of immortality begins.

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I totally agree with you OP. We're beyond the point as a society where this should be a debate. We should be talking about preventative measures and ways to fix the changes we've made to the atmosphere. Giving air time to climate change deniers, or those "smogging" people who've been putting giant smokestacks on their trucks to protest Obama, is just validating someone's blatant refusal to look at facts. Regardless of politics, hopefully everyone agrees that we need to start thinking long-term.

And yes @outworld222, it's been a pretty brutal year out west. Hot and dry and no signs of slowing down. The Bay is trying hard to curb water usage, but in big cities like SF, Oakland, LA etc. it can be really tough, because it's not like people can just stop watering their gardens or washing their cars when many of them live in apartments and already take public transit.

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Well he made Jurassic Park III, that's close enough in my book.

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For me it was just the banality of the whole thing. I expected Watch Dogs to be just another average open world game, but I didn't expect it to be so boring. Aiden Pierce is the most boring protagonist of the whole year with a personality like cardboard, the hacking barely factors into the gameplay at all and the entire story feels like an afterthought.

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I played a little of the first one with a friend and found it pretty dull. The figures are well made though.

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Ehhhhhhhhhhherrrummm... The Wonderful 101? Dead Rising 3? Maybe Mario Kart 8. There's not a lot out right now, but over the coming year or so The Witcher 3, Yoshi's Woolly World, Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Quantum Break and Splatoon will justify the thousand+ I've spent on systems alone. Right? ...right?

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Lucky thing I'm a jaded shell of a man, or I'd be out half my savings this October. I'm still really looking forward to Evolve and Sunset Overdrive, and (correct me if I'm wrong) Bayonetta 2, which I think Nintendo said was launching in October. I also really want Alien, but I'll probably have to wait for a price drop since it seems like it'll be the shortest of the bunch.

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Had something similar happen in that section. After making it all the way to the top by kicking the enemies through the fire, the dividers between the four sections of floor gave way, but none of the scripts activated. I was trapped on one of the squares, unable to jump off, and the game kept playing battle music even though I had already beaten all of the enemies. After around 30 seconds it spawned in another hammer guy. Beat him, wait, nothing. Eventually it spawned another one, this one floating in thin air, who immiediately dropped to his death. Can't proceed with the game even after restarting the checkpoint a couple of times, so I guess I just need to wait for a patch?