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Tom Nook's Still a Crook! -New Emblem!

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Tom Nook's Still a Crook!
This faithful person joined us for our live gameplay marathon of Animal Crossing City Folk. We dug up shells together, fished together, and delighted in all things Animal Crossing.

I like this emblem looks cool :)

when do you get point added (GMT)?

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i have been away for abit now im back and i think that the time has changed for (GMT) points added can anyone please tell me if they been changed to different times ty


I'm gunna be around more now guys!

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Because iam waiting for a new job because i quit my old 1 didnt like it,thats it nothing else to add except come to my simpsons union it's going dead :).Speek soon yeah.

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Yeh got my ps3!!!!

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I finaly got my ps3 yesterday and iv been having so much fun already it cost me £425 but i think it's worth it i'm not much of a writer so thats why most of my blogs arnt that long :cry: