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Funny How Things Work Out.

My last blog update on GameSpot.com was as follows..

"So I think by now everyone knows about a certain other gaming website. Well it just launched, and I think Ill be spending a little more time there. So, if you too are going to that site, you can find me under the same name...fleasquire. See ya there guys! "

I became an active member of the GameSpot community way back in 2005 around E3. Back then Unions, Halo 2, and the "Next Gen Consoles," were the main topic of interest on the site. What kept me coming back after those three topics faded, was the fantastic crew and personalities that ran the site. Among them were Greg Kasavin, Rich Gallup, Bob Colayco, Carrie Gouskos, Brian Ekberg, Aaron Thomas, and the founding members of GiantBomb. After the drama that happened in back in 2007, I was among the loyal fan base that felt somewhat betrayed. I did not want plan on ditching the site completely, but as that crew that the fans had come to know so well all began to resign, I began to lose interest. As soon as GiantBomb launched, my participation on GS pretty much stopped. I still went to the site from time to time for news/reviews, but as GiantBomb grew, I needed GS less and less.

While my initial shock of this "merger" was probably the same as anyone else's, I wish nothing but the best for the crew of GiantBomb and GameSpot that I have been following so closely for almost 7 years.

Here's to many more guys, where ever you end up.

The New Site

So I think by now everyone knows about a certain other gaming website. Well it just launched, and I think Ill be spending a little more time there. So, if you too are going to that site, you can find me under the same name...fleasquire.

See ya there guys!

Are You Cereal?

Seriously, I go away for two days, and the worst thing that could probably happen to gamespot happens. Im sure we all feel the same way about this ridiculous news, and I dont really feel a need to elaborate on my anger.

Good luck Jeff!

w00t 4 New Games!!

Yeah, so my birthday was a few days ago, (just turned 17)and I was actually really surprised at the amount of stuff I got. I was not expecting to get 4 games. Well here they are

Mario Strikers Charged- This game is awesome. Its fun, addicting, and has awesome multiplayer. I was really happy with the online, seeing as how I played like 5 matches and all of them were completely lag-free. But it doesnt seem theres anything besides just playing soccer. Either way, its my favortie Wii game so far.

Madden 08 (360) - I didnt really want this, because of how much I hated 06 and 07 on 360, but I have to say, this game is really awesome. I definitely notice the 60 fps and the game just feels better. The new features are cool, and its good to finally have a good successor to Madden 05 on the xbox.

Viva Pinata- Wow, ummm, this game is amazing. Im having way to much fun playing this game. I feel like a goofball just talking about it. What happened was, I played the demo, and thought it was awesome, then on Saturday (my birthday) I went to Toys R Us with my dad and he treated me to Madden and this (with the buy Madden, get another game half off deal). But yeah, Viva Pinata is awesome, and everyone should play it regardless of age.

Clubhouse Games (DS)- Not much to say about this game. Its got 42 card and board games and has wifi. It can be a lot of fun, and its great being able to play all these games at any time. But the presentation takes away from the experience a little bit. For example, Grid Attack (the games version of battle ship) is essentially draggin red squares on to the board and hoping it hits the other guys ship. But other then that, the game is definitely really cool.

So yeah, good birthday this year. Starting my senior year in a few weeks, and then hopefully going to college in a year. Well, Im gonna go enjoy the end of summer. Later!

What a Deal!!

I went to Target yesterday to buy 300, and saw the Warhammer 40,000 GOTY Edition with Winter Assault for $4.99. This game is pretty cool. Its been a long time since Ive gotten in to an RTS game. This should hold me over till the fall when al the big games of this year come out.

My E3 Conclusion and the Drama of Buying Games

Well E3 has come and gone, and what an E3 it was. Let me start off by saying, that Gamespots coverage of the event was fantastic. They had news on just about every game, and even had a stage show for every game you would want to see a live demo of (except maybe Halo 3). I liked how the Gamespot HQ was seperated from the show floor this time. Now you didnt have everyone on the GS stage screaming into their microphones to be heard over the large crowd behind them. Gamespot really did go crazy this year, I couldnt believe some of the demos they had on their show, it was awesome.

Now, as for this years press conferences, they were alright in my opinion. Microsoft did a good job of showcasing their holiday line up. Sony did a good job of showing that the PS3 will indeed have games. And Nintendo did a good job of showing.....errr....umm...that they can make 3 different controller announcements in a single hour! These press conferences may not have been as stunning as they have been in past years. But I think its because people are used to seeing big feature/hardware announcements, and this was the first year in a while, where all the companies really had to talk about, were the games. My criticisms with that conferences are as follow:

Microsoft: We understand you want to show your holiday line up, but how bout some updates on all those games that you announced back at X06? Also, how do you not have a live demo of Halo 3? Sure we got a nice looking trailer, but what about hard facts about the single player? Will there be online Co-op? How many people? Will it pick up right where Halo 2 left off? I WANT ANSWERS!!

Sony: They did a good job with announcing someexclusives for NEXT year, but they didnt really show any exclusives for this year. Killzone 2....2008, MGS4....2008, Little Big Planet....2008. Sure they have Haze and UT3, but those are only timed exclusives, so who cares? They definitely shaped up a lot from last year, so I will give them credit for that.

Nintendo: Hmm 3 new controllers in 1 hour? A steering wheel, a Gun, and a balance board thingy. Also, Nintendo pretty much proved to everyone that every big game for the Wii will most likely be made by them. Lets see this years Wii holiday lineup...Mario Galaxy, Metroid, SSBB, Battalion Wars(maybe), Wii Fit. Nothing else really comes to mind.

Now on to the most important part of the show...the games. Yes, yes, the games, and this years E3 was packed full of them. Halo, GTA, Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell 5, Bioshock, MGS4, SSBB,Mario Galaxy, Metroid, Guitat Hero, Rock Band, BURNOUT Paradise, PGR4, Crysis, and so many more. I couldnt believe the amount of games out there, and how great all of them looked. I started thinking about the games Ill be getting this fall/winter, and unfortunately many games had to be cut, but here is my list.

Definitely Buying

Assassins Creed

Burnout Paradise

Halo 3

Call Of Duty 4

Super Smash Bros.

Mario Galaxy

Possibly Buying

GH3/Rock Band - Ill be getting at least one of these, not sure yet though.

Splinter Cell Conviction- A little too similar to Assassins Creed, could be hit or miss

Mass Effect- Not an RPG fan at all, but looks too good to pass up

Mercenaries 2- Dude, 2 words..... FUEL BOMB

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box- Half life never really stood out to me, but Team Fortress and Portal look awesome

Want to See More

The Simpsons Game- I was really impressed by this game. They really nailed the feel of the cartoon, especially in the graphics.

Naruto Rise of a Ninja- Not a big fan of the series, but dude...ninjas

Army of Two- Co-op looks pretty cool

Stranglehold- Gameplay looks cool, but kind of cheezy and unnecessary at the same time.

I guess UT3 getting delayed was sort of a blessing in disguise, the last thing I need is another MUST HAVE game this year. Ouch, my waller is hurting already.

Now, on to the drama of buying games. Last Sunday, I went out to buy the Darkness. I took 3 games to trade in at EB and get the extra $20 credit. Low and behold, one of the games isnt included in the offer...HOORAY. So I go home and pick another game to trade in. I go back and I trade it in. $70 of trade in credit...and now more copies of the Darkness. So I picked up Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney for $20 since Im going away soon and figured Id need a DS game. Since the guy saw the trouble I went through, he put the other $50 on my Edge card thingy so I could buy the Darkness somewhere else.

So, next day. I decide to call ahead to all the gamestops/eb's in my area....and guess what, every single one is sold out of the Darkness. Not only that, but none of them could even say when they were getting more. Now im pissed that I cant use my trade in credit to buy the game. So, angry as I was, I went to best buy and took one of the 20 copies they had sitting on the shelf. Im not even that mad that no gamestops had the game. I understand, they werent expecting the game to be that big, noone was. But even if they were to tell me they were getting more next week, I would have waited, but I was just fed up.

Well that was a long blog. Let me end it by saying that E3 was awesome, and both Phoenix Wright and The Darkness are both awesome games. And on top of that, I have $50 store credit to EB games, so I guess life is good.

Finally Got Myself A DS Lite...

Well I finally got a DS. Ive been thinking about getting rid of my psp for a DS (since I rarely find a psp game I think is interesting) for a while now. Mainly because I couldnt justify that I would actually play it a lot more. But a few days ago, my brother got a free DS Lite from a friend of his. So after playing his, and playing against him on mariokart with my sister's regular DS, I had to have my own. So today I went and got my very own DS Lite. My psp will be going on Ebay tonight. As I said, my brother already has mario kart, and his friend lent him that Shonen Jump game. But today, I bought Star fox, and he bought New Super Mario Bros. I am having a whole lot of fun with my new DS, and I cant wait to try out some other games.

Game reccomendations are always helpful!

Audioslave Break-Up = LAME

Yeah so Im sure many of you know, Chris Cornell, the former lead singer of Soundgarden, had announced that he quit Audioslave.

"Due to irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences, I am permanently leaving the band Audioslave," he said in a statement. "I wish the other three members" — guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk — "nothing but the best in all of their future endeavors."

I know that they werent the best band. But it was nice having just a simple rock band to listen to. Sure, Tom Morello mixed things up a lot with his solo and effects, but it was good stuff. I was not a huge fan, in fact I didnt even own all the albums. I got the first one, and liked it. I didnt buy the second one, because I didnt like what I did heard from it. Then when those videos came on the marketplace promoting the 3rd CD, I decided to give it a try. Little did I know how much I would love it.

But now, they're over, which isnt really surprising after all the recent news. I mean, Cornell's solo album is due out soon and Rage is reuniting, and Morello also has a solo album coming out soon. I have to say this is kind of discerning. Audioslave seemed like something new to listen to. I cant say I liked Cornells song for the Bond movie, and I dont like Morellos solo stuff at all (sorry, Im just not a fan of acoustic folk music). And while I am excited the Rage MIGHT tour again, are they really gonna release something new? Doubt it. It just seems like music today is getting worse and worse. Sure theyre are a lot of great bands out there, but most of them are hard to come by, and/or disband after only 2-3 albums. I guess all we can hope for is that the guys from Rage decide to stay together, but if not, I guess ill be waiting 5 more years for another Tool album.

For more information on the breakup, go here


I Got A Wii!! Yay!

Well last night my brother camped out in front of Circuit City and was second in line (behind his friend) to get a wii. He also picked up monkey ball, zelda, and another controller. Man Im having so much fun with Wii sports. This system is really great. It really exceeded my expectations. Ill probably be picking up Rayman or excite truck in a week or so, but for now, Im having a lot of fun.

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