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I always got the impression Marvel was favored by women anyway.

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Yep., Even made a little money at it ($300).

But thats my secret...

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Mark Kermode : movie reviewer. It's great and unintentionally funny

Collative Learning: movie analysis

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Wow he is really funny

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I'm surprised to see so much support for Kilmer, because I thought he was good too.

Keaton never appeared tough. Seemed like too nice a guy.

Clooney has that bobblehead thing going (watch him when he speaks in these movies: he can't help but move his head like its on a spring)

1) Bale

2) Kilmer

3) Keaton

4) Clooney

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@jasean79 said:

Always amazed me that 2/3 of the world is water, yet we still suffer droughts. You'd think they'd be working on a way to turn that ocean water into drinkable water.

What world do you live on?

The Earth is covered by about 71% water. He's 6% off, give him a break. big deal

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Scott Pilgrim


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polling Europeans about the opinion of Americans about American opinion is not a valid indication of American opinion.

it is indication of the European perspective.

polling all tribes about eastern tribes is not an indication of the opinion of eastern tribes. redskin does not refer to all natives, just those that actually dyed their skin red.

The USA is the best place in the world if you want to play victim.

Good luck convincing any tribe that wants attention that the term doesn't refer to all natives.

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Hey, that link is pretty interesting. Good food for thought! Just proves there are two sides to every argument.

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@jasean79 said:

@dave123321 said:

@flazzle: yeah I was here. It is sad that the other side has stooped to now blaming Obama for everything after they saw how much bush got

blamed for everything

Obama inherited what Bush left behind...and hasn't done too good a job of improving it. So, you can't really blame those that hold Obama accountable, can you?

If you are implying that Obama is incompetent and cannot figure out how to fix things after given over 6 years, then yes I agree with you.