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My first blog post.

tovarischs - 'life lesson' lemming

We all hear Koreans are crazy for Starcraft. Some might not know how crazy.

One of the strategic, diverse, balanced RTS of all time has S Korea's economy revolving around it. Their demand of technology came from gaming demands and it boosted the market for producing a futuristic S Korea.

Not only that, they have TV Channels revolving around Starcraft. They pay players tons of cash to play on TV. These players are practically Superstars, bigger than Soccer counterparts. One, in particular, will be the highlight in this topic. His handle is SlayerS_`BoxeR.

Most of you probably seen this. BoxeR's famous SCV rush. Defeated Yellow, the best zerg player, with SCVs and marines. Scouting a hasty expansion, he uses SCVs to shield his marines while range killing anything that came by. Timingly killing sunken colonies.


Here are some summarized videos of BoxeR's famous micro insanity.

BoxeR sends 18 Carriers running with a blind attack by medics on the Observers, then proceeds in with cloaked wraiths. The next is a bit more complicated. He hidden his nuclear silo from the opponent by hovering a Command Centre ontop until the time was right. When it was all said and done, he landed his CC to activate his nuke, dropped a contingent of units + a ghost and a medic, blinded the observer, sent a nuclear strike, EMP the Nexus, all at the same time.


BoxeR has 11 wraiths against 7 Battlecruisers. He also has 7 ghosts dropped off. Those battlecruisers would had one shot the ghosts but BoxeR gave them no time. He had pretty much set up a simultaneous lock down and sent his wraiths in. Who heard of invading with barracks? Only terrans can do it and BoxeR did it. Destroyed a base by landing barracks by the enemy base and pumps out fire bats to win.


I don't know what to say about this one. It's simple. Marines + Medics + BoxeR hold out against waves of trying attempts at getting BoxeR out of the base with zerg waves and lurkers. And it was Yellow yet again.


Don't watch the entirety of this video if you don't want to... the first minute and a half is enough. BoxeR's superior micro management handles Vultures like it was his arms and legs. Laying mines at the right places and taking out tanks while continuing to build his own base.


This is one entire video. Watch it to see the production scale of the OPENING to this tournament. The rest of it is just pure glee. BoxeR vs Yellow again.


And if you want more openings of Ongamenet StarLeague, here they are. I mean wow... I wish American TV shows had that kind of production.


And check out this insane Grand Finale of their 2006 Tourney. So many people...


Finally... something on a lighter note...

BoxeR's Ice Cream Party!



Microsoft adding heatsinks to broken 360s Jun 14, 2007 @ 11:30am
Summary: Has your 360 suffered a fatal "red ring of death"? New information reveals what Microsoft is actually fixing under the hood.

Full Text:

By Brian Sullivan

Certainly, most savvy 360 owners already know that three red lights on the front of their console means certain unwanted death. A number of users have already undergone the painful ordeal of seeing their 360 units die, but some of them have also witnessed their machines come back to life due to the efforts of Microsoft's customer service department. The more curious lot of these Xbox 360 owners have opened up their repaired consoles to see what exactly has been fixed, and have discovered a new heatsink in their machine.

Reports indicate that this extra heatsink is installed by Microsoft to provide additional cooling for the Xenos GPU, leading some to ponder what exactly is wrong with consoles that are affected by the "red ring of death". Some believe X-shaped clamps are at fault, while others blame an abundance of thermal paste (although others, curiously enough, believe that there is not enough thermal paste).

Either way, the problem of overheating GPUs is still a problem that looms over the head of Microsoft's hardware division. Both the company, as well as serviced 360 owners hope that this additional heatsink will make the red ring of death a thing of the past. However, it is unknown at this time whether newly manufactured Xbox 360's contain this second heatsink or if it is simply something that Microsoft installs only if the console has died.

Interested readers can head over to TeamXbox for more internal pictures of this new heatsink that has found its way into repaired 360 units.