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what are your thoughts about the wide thing

This new gamespot thing is a bit funky. I am just not used to it and dont really care too much for it. I am not on a lot like I used to be so I dont know how long it is going to take for me to get used to it. So do you like it or is it a no go for you?

looks like I am going to sell it

With the good advice I get from you guys here I have decided to sell MGS4. I am just not into it. To be honest I have not been into anything right now. Things are tough. I have been working so freakin frackin hard lately. I will have to touch base soon with a little low down for ya.

just got Metal Gear

So I have given in to Metal Gear. So far I am halfway through the first act and it is pretty good. I am very impressed by the graphics and in general the game is good. So far I cant tell you it is slammin but everybody else will tell you that. Just a low down of the first impression. It is a good game. Controls are great overall the only bug is the camera at times. I cant control it like I want. The aiming system is sharp, like uncharted. It switches from left to right while aiming. I love that. Graphics and sound are sick. It is set up pretty damn good as far as getting from point a to b except if you back track usually there is a crowd of baddies to deal with. Thats not a bad thing because so far it is real easy. I am not a big fan of the series so I am not bugging out about the game but it is good so far. I do hope I get into it a bit more though. Oh and there are insane amounts of cut scenes. More than gameplay it seems.

Might sell my wii

not sure what I should do here. I really dont play it much at all. I feel like I should just sell it. It seems like it is lonely, the last time I played it was way back when Galaxy came out. Anyway I really dont know what I should do. Help me make the right decision here. I am not hurting for money or anything. I just dont play the thing.


I just got this new album by Dopestyle. It is the best album ever. Most of you might not dig it. It is a hip hop thing but it is pretty different. It is not the crap that you hear on the radio. I am just excited to have it.

have not been around

I have been busy as a m to the f lately. So I have not been around for a while. I hope you are doing well and I will catch up soon. I still need to show you the shotgun.

New Car

I got my wife a new car today. It is a Honda Fit. It pretty much a mix of the civic hatchback and a element. It is real nice and I taught my wife to drive a standard. She picked it up in two days. She really likes it. She had a ford escape before but it was too expensive. It was not the gas as much as the payments. So anyway we are set now. I got the small pick up and she has the small family car. Pretty tight. The bonus for her is I got a nuvi 760 gps for her. Just waiting for UPS. It will be here in 2 more days.