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My Xbox 360

Ok. My Xbox 360 (old version) is starting to freeze up on me a lot. Does this mean that the red ring is coming to claim its life soon? Please respond.

Trade Old 80 gig Ps3

Hey everyone!! I was just wandering should I trade in my old 80 gig Ps3 in for a new Ps3? It's acting up and i'm tired of dealing with it. Please let me know what I should do.


What to get.

So my brother let me have his Xbox 360 and I don't know what to get. Someone please help me. Track season also ended for me this year.The 4 x 2 team I was on had a good chance to go to state but when I handed off to the 2nd leg he dropped the stick. The 4 x 4 We got 3rd. We were really close to making state in that too. It was a close race. Overall this has been a good track season. We'll be back next year though.

Red Dead Redemption

I'm so glad I got Red Dead Redemption for my birthday. Now all I need to do is get the expansion pack to this and get online to play with people and a headset.

Finally beat Assassin's Creed 2!!!!

I finally beat Assassin's Creed 2 the other day. One day I popped Assassin's Creed 2 in my cousin's PS3 and I just kept playing and playing. It took me 3 days to beat the game. Now I'm all caught up with everyone else that's been playing the series.


When my niece and nephew were down a couple of weeks ago they were watching iCarly. Me I thought it would be a stupid show for kids but my friend told me to watch it. So I did and i got hooked on the show. It is a really funny show and good to watch.

Ps2 controllers

Right now i'm trying to get another PS2 contoller. Should i get another Sony wired controller, a Pelican wired controller, or a Pelican Wireless controller?

Thank you for your help Later.

Send Ps3 off to Sony or get a new one?

Do you think i should send my Ps3 off to Sony or get a new one? I honestly can't take it anymore without my Ps3. The days and weekends have been getting longer and longer since it freezes up and doesn't read Ps3 discs.

Ps3 problems

Man i can't believe my Ps3 is having problems. I have restored my Ps3 and the default settings. It's still freezing up in the middleof gameplay and acts like it doesn't want to read discs. Man why does my Ps3 have to mess up when ALLLLLL the good sh## comes out and everything got CHEAP!!!!!!!!!

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