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Back and badder than ever.

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I got an Xbox 360 for christmas and 3 games Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and DJ Hero

If anyone wants to play with me on any of the games I would gladly do so.

I also recently got the Half-Life Platinum Collection.

Xbox GamerTag: ComicDarkness64

Very Sad.......

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I just found out my Grandpa died30 minutes ago from brain cancer. :cry:


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Okay first I will tell you I visted japan and after that went to E3 Nintendo Confrence and was amazed by the hundred games coming out including

Metroid Other M

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Fit Plus

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

Grand Slam Tennis

Virtual Tennis 2009

Red Steel 2

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Minis March Again

Final Fantasy The Crystal Bearers

The Legend Of Zelda Spirit Tracks

The Conduit

Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles

Dead Space Extraction

Super Mario Galaxy 2

That's all

Oh yeah and I got an Xbox

Really that New super mario bros. wii game is awesome I definatley buying it this fall!!! :D

If you are wondering why I got to go to E3 is because I guess my cousin of someone In my family is staff at nintendo!

Also I played Super Mario All Star on my NES with a game Genie a message poped up when I tried To play a game saying Game coyping is against the law blah blah blah, THAT WAS PREETY SCARY!!!


I need help with Paper Mario For N64

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Bowser is IMPOSSIBLE to beat and it is so stupid that after he loses 30 in health guess what the heck he does next, heals himself WTH? :evil: (Sorry about the language)Why can't you get stronger attacks? :evil:

I really need a stragey to use to beat Bowser PLEASE!!!! :(



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Whew, I have millons of nthings to talk about!!!

1. Ugh!! I REALLY WANT TO GET THE DSi!!!! But I only have $25. :cry:

2. I'm completley addicted to Paper Mario for N64 right now! :?

3. I am soo sick of hearing people say oh "Bulbasuar is the first Pokemon ever because he's the first in the Pokedex" WRONG!!!! IT'S MEW!!!!!!!!!! :evil:

4. I Beat Pokemon Platinum 3 days after I bought it. :D

5. WOOT I have Game & Watch collection for DS 1 & 2 :D

6. I still want to get the DSi!!!!!!! :evil:


I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *caps*

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really need your help with this EXTREMELY BADLY!!!!!!

And NO I don't want to uses it to get the Game & Watch collection game I already have that game!

The codes are on a packet inside Wii, DS, and GameCube Video game cases and it should be in the middle of the game guide and the System guide and the codes give me points!

If you have any DS or Wii games open them up and look through them and you should find a thing that says "Register Your Software" in deffrent languages. Look on the back of it and you will find a code next to the words PIN: NIP: Please copy that code on to a message or PM to me!!!

GOAL: 800




Everything About The New DSi!!!!!!!

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1. You have to push a button to turn it on

2. You can use a Micro SD card to transfer pictures into the DSi

3. It will be released in June

4. It is exacatly $190.00

5. The DSi Shop and Nintendo Zone will be included in the DSi

6. Game Boy Advance slot wiil be droped :(

7. They will be selling different cartridges