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Growing up and moving on

I highly doubt anyone who I actually made contact with back in the days of my Gamespot will actually see this.

I was on Reddit earlier and clicked an article that linked me to Gamespot. In that instance, I wondered if my account was still there. I entered my information and sure enough, it was still there. Man....all the memories this website holds when I was 11 or 12.

I'm 17 now. I've been really successful in life for my age and I'm finally happy with myself. It took a long time to accept my autism for what it was, but it is what it is of course. It's weird looking back at these old posts that my account made. Some of them were immature but hey at least I still had great spelling and grammar back then right? Right.

Oh the days of being a PS3 fanboy. Playing lots of Killzone and Little Big Planet. I miss it. So much simpler. However at the same time I don't. I saved up money and built myself a good computer. I'm a full time PC gamer now and I'm glad I am.

Overall, I think looking back at all of this is just apart of me growing up. It's so odd just seeing my old attitude and thinking about how much I grew up and matured. I guess we all do it right? Right.

I can't wait to see where the future takes me. Because it's very very bright.


It's been a long time + My NEW blog

I forgot this site still exsisted and that I sitll had a failed blog on here, I decided to move my blog over to Tumblr and blog and rant on there where I can do so without being monitored.


If you have Tumblr feel free to follow me

Hope everyone had a great year of gaming in 2011!


On the Xbox VS PS3 issue...

Allot of people thought I was switching over to Xbox when I got my 360. Hate to break it to my friends who are 360 fanboys, but I still think PS3 is better.

I use my Xbox daily but usually only for about 30-60 minutes. I use my PS3 for hours. The main things I like about the Xbox are party chat (Although i prefer text chat on the PS3) and Facebook, but other then that I just don't like Xbox that much. Don't get me wrong, it's a great console but (in my opinion) PS3 still wins.

I have a couple things I don't like. First off we can't put music on the hard drive from a USB flash drive. What. The Hell. That's BS.

Also, the lack of text chat means if you don't use your mic or it breaks your screwed communcation wise. Being someone with a keyboard I prefer text over voice, party chat can be convient though.

There are several other things I don't like such as the D-pad, anagalo sticks, disk tray and so on, but I won't get into them right now.

Also guys if your wondering why I haven't been on in a while it's because barely anyone reads my blogs so I see no point in really blogging. I find Facebook to be a better alternate for keeping people up to date with my life.


If you wanna add me on Xbox my gamertag is Flameducky


Merry Christmas + Getting my Xbox 360 tomorrow

Sorry I haven't been on Gamespot in a while, the site bores the hell out of me now. Anyway I wanna wish all my friends a merry Chistmas!

Now for the importaunt news... :P

I'm getting an Xbox 360 Slim tomorrow on Chistmas day. My Xbox Live Gametag is Flameducky. Add me Sunday, by then I'll have every thing hooked up and ready to go

Audio/Video question

I've been using a Dazzle for a while now to record footage from my PS3 and we just moved my computer into the same room as my PS3. Before we had to move the PS3 into the computer room down the hall to record. But my TV only has one slot for audio video cables. Is there a way to add an extra slot?

When the going gets tough, Robert Kotick cries some more

Anyone else think the background looks like the raging fires of hell? :P

Not many of you know this but I despise Activision and Kotick. He's an ignorant jackass who cares about nothing more than his greedy little fingers.

Recently Kotick talked about, "bringing down the console walled garden." What the hell does that mean? Kotick is looking to many even MORE money from PCs? They've already milked to death Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, what more does Activision need?

Guitar Hero has gone from the kind of the music genre to a yearly milkfest. Call of Duty has gone from the king of competitive online to an unbalanced, noob-infested (See MW2) rip-off.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Birthday is in 3 days and I'll be getting Red Dead Redemption :D


No, I did not get mauled by a flying duck

I really need to lay off the kool-aid :P Anyway how are ya guys? Sorry I've been gone a while, I'll be positng some updates in the next few days to help catch up...oh and BTW....I'M GETTING AN XBOX 360 SLIM FOR CHRISTMAS! :o

Hosting a MW2 tournament, winner gets a $10 PSN card!

Official tournament forum:


Alright, so I'm hosting a MW2 tournament in July with a $10 PSN card as the prize. I've posted info for it on Gamespot and Playstation.com but I've only got roughly 5 people signed up. What's the best way or place to find people to join the tournament?

I'm buying an Xbox 360 (Maybe)

I'm might be getting an Xbox 360 for my birthday this year.

After reading IGN's biased review (The review sounded nothing like a 9.3) something inside of me provoked me to want it. I've also been watching allot of Halo Machinama lately so suddenly I want that too. I'm not crazy about Alan Wake but that looks cool also. Some people have been asking me to get Forza 3 but I'd rather wait for Gran Turismo 5 then buy Microsoft's attempt at besting my favorite racing franchise.

I'll post more info on my next blog within a few weeks.