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Finally got a haircut

I finally got a haircut =D So happy the person who did it for me was a friend of mine and he did an amazing job. I could spike my hair perfectly now its awesome =D

Soccer season over =*(

Sadly we lost our soccer game to a school who we could've won against. They had a record of 7-7-2. We had a record of 8 and 8. Somehow they had a better record than us when I think that it should be the same. We lost 4-3 and the worst part is they are in the finals right now and they have a possibility of winning the whole tournament. However we have high doubts that they are going to beat a team whos 16-0 even though they played easier teams. Anyways Im going to be able to go on the computer more and even better play the wii and hang out with my friends every day =D

Will start playing MSC again after my soccer season.

When my soccer season is over in real life I will be able to start playing mario strikers charged again. Since I have a game or practice every single day of the week and I am also practicing at home I will not be able to play anything right now. Also it doesnt help that my wii is on the HD tv in the living room and there is like always someone watching it and I dont want to move it =D My soccer season endsin November so that is when I will be able to play again.

Friend code for mario strikers.

For anyone who wants to play me in a friendly match my friend code for mario strikers is 390950 461261. If your going to be cheap and pass the ball to hammer bro all the time then don't even add me. If your going to be cheap at all then don't add me. My record isnt that great though its only like 29-35. Anyways if you want to have a fair battle with me then add me and dont forget to pm me that you added me. And also in that pm tell me your friend code. Thanks.