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Dynasty Warriors 5 Finished + More Points on Hexic

I've just finished Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires on the Xbox 360 :D
It was a very good game but when I first tried it I thought "Oh No it a strategy game" but after a few trys I was really getting into it and its not that hard at all.
and I got another 1000 points from DW5 as well :P
plus I got another 15 points on Hexic for getting the Oyster-meister achievement :)
I now have 4370 gamerpoints

Nearly 4000 points!!!

I've got 3995 Gamerscore on my 360 and I've only got 5 points to go to get 4000 :D
I hope I can make it :)
and nearly 100 posts on Gamespot :P

Done Hitman on Rookie!!!

I've completed Hitman:Blood Money on rookie and it was great :D
The end was a good one and the last mission was great as well.
At first I didn't know what to do in the last mission but then I asked Naruto for some help and it worked. Thanks Naruto :)
I think i'll try and do it on normal soon but not right away i'll try another game first.
I've nearly got 3000 points only 75 to go :)
UPDATE: I've got past 3000 points :D

White PSP

I now have a white PSP :D
Now i have 2 PSPs a black PSP & a white PSP :P
I just love my games and game consoles.
It's just abit sad that i've seen some dead pixels :(
But i'm still happy with it :)

Call of Duty 2 on 360

I've done Call of Duty 2 on easy and it was a great game.
The levels in the game are very well done and the sound makes you feel like your really there.
The multi player is what makes it great and now with new maps on the marketplace its even better.
I'm going to try and do the game again on Veteran :D
let me know what you think of Call of Duty 2 :)

first blog

This is my first time so it won't very good :)
Right now i'm playing Hitman: Blood Money for the Xbox 360. It's been very good so far and i'm really enjoying it.
Another game i'm playing in Sensible Soccer for PS2. I don't like football (soccer) but i like the game and this one is fun with with 2 players.
will do another blog soon :)