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Its been awhile

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Well, I decided to check out the rotting carcass of my GS account, to find it, just that.

Ignoring the fact that most of the dubious retards that infest this site are still here, I might as well come back for a bit, to watch the 2008 awards :)

msn has been down all day...

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apparently everyone who has msn is trying to get on it today, the server has been "too busy" from about 11am this right now it is 4:35pm...

It's always nice when mircorsoft underestimates the number of people who use a program...

Well, thats not fun at all...

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well i basically made this to see how many hits id get on my profile, there WAS something not fun that occured last night over a cell phone involving the opposite sex...which is what inspired me to make this blog...

let the waiting begin...

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